Improve Baby Sleep

As we know and understand how easy it is to get help when we need it now a days. Help is now available in all sorts of styles and techniques for baby sleep for parents who wish or need it. It can be agreed that as a parent these days, you will find yourself in a much better place with regards to finding out what way will be the best way to help your child or your own sleep. Over the last decade or so there has been a lot more research done on this topic, meaning that our knowledge has been ever expanding on how best sleep works. This has allow the result of there now being a situation where, consultants, like myself, have been able to become established, learning and understanding all the information that is now required to help those parents or adults who are out there looking for some guidance and support as they wander through what can be at times an somewhat misty fog which is referred to as parenthood, and in the first few years especially.  

Yes, as you know very well your baby sleep is nothing short of a biological phenomenon. It is also very true to stress that not everyone out there shares the same belief as me which is that actually sleep is something that can, in fact, be improved. For those who do not share the same belief as I have, it is completely fine; I understand that we all have our own beliefs and I respect this. What I wish to share is how personally look at this and in a new different light: which is that over time, with it being most particular, in the last century. Where we as a race have made nothing short of huge advances in every area of our lives.

What we have been able to discover over the last few decades has been in a whole array of things. With results been proven to work in a variety of alternative medicines or practices as well as the advances in medicine also. What this now means is that we have at our disposal a huge array of offers of help and support that these advances have made in these areas due to this better understanding leading us to a newfound and better knowledge.

I feel this a good time to look at this in closer detail. Why it was only 70 years ago, when there was no such thing available as psychotherapy. So it was when the men who fought so bravely for their country found themselves returning from either the World Wars to no offers of any sort of support or counseling for what they had seen & witnessed.

These men were in much need of help with the various circumstance they had found themselves in during and after the war. Now of these difficult things hadn’t been considered. Whether it was for either trauma or grief counseling there was no treatment available. As it was in this historic point of time, that we as a society had no idea that such a thing as PTSD – post-traumatic stress disorder even existed.

Fortunately for us, with all the advances in science that have been able to be made with regards to science it has allowed us the opportunity to be able to acknowledge, then address and respond with better care and understanding to these conditions and situations where previously we lacked any ability to, or even understand them.

We as a society today as doing much better. We are ensuring all those people who suffer from mental health illness are given and receive the appropriate therapy treatment they may need. Due to us as a society, care and understand better and are much clearer about mental health has it needed to be that it is an incredibly important aspect of human life.

If we look back in time, around 100 years ago, flu was, in fact, a chronic killer. With no treatment for it, people had no choice but to accept it. They knew it was deadly. There was no cure for it. However, here we are decades later, medicine studied the virus and developed a treatment & cure for it meaning that the flu became manageable.

Simply point all this means that the more we know & understand something, the more and better we can make changes.

The same is true for baby sleep. While I must stress I am not trying to likening an unsleeping baby to a soldier who is returning from war, (although I am sure there will be some parents out there who do feel like it is a battlefield at times!), but instead I am saying we know now what actually happens in our babies brain and body with a much better knowledge and understand while they sleep.

It is great news that sleep, just like PTSD, no longer sits in that grey area. Being totally outside our understanding. Now we can advise and guide you the knowledge of exactly how much sleep children need to ensure they are given the best chance of developing, growing, regulating their appetite and restoring their immune function. We also hold knowledge on how to best achieve good sleep.

This is because of what we have discovered and now know about how and why our circadian rhythms work, how the amount of type of milk &/or food that we in take affects our sleep. How and why babies sleep cycles are wired. We know all of this because we have the knowledge & understanding. We also have the capacity to make positive changes in our lives. Simply put we do not just have to accept poor sleep anymore. We know this because there are options.

The same as if you get the flu these days, you don’t have to die, you are able to go to the doctor and they are able to give you the right treatment to allow you to recover. The same applies to sleep, if you are currently struggling with poor sleep with an unsettled baby then this will be causing levels of anxiety and frustration to name only a few. This will be affecting your whole experience of motherhood.

Today there are many people you can turn to for help. The best advice I can give you is ensuring they are fully qualified and part of the appropriate sleep associations. As by getting help from an expert and they can 100% help and change your whole sleep situation. People experiencing difficulties with their child’s sleep are often referred to Sleep Consultants by their Doctors just as a doctor would refer a patient to another specialist.

Better, sustainable sleep is not terribly complicated. When you have the right knowledge and the right tools in the right order it is 100% attenable. It is best achieved by having a better understanding of your baby’s sleep needs holistically; by using the information available to us to improve your baby’s sleep for years to come.

In simple words, this does not mean simply sleep training.

In simple words, it does involve you forcing your baby to sleep into a strict routine.

There are many ways your baby’s sleep can improve. It might be something as simple as tweaking the awake windows for them between naps which leads to a much easier settling, longer naps, and results in a much better night-time sleep. Or it could be as simple as capping those late afternoon naps meaning that your baby will then settle much better at bedtime and those wakenings at 3 AM stop. A change may occur due to them being offered a protein solid at the lunchtime meal instead of at dinner time for a baby that is under 10 months, as this stops them waking feeling uncomfortable overnight.

It could also be as simple as making their room darker which will help encourage more of the important and essential sleep hormone, melatonin. This is created and then released into their body to allow sleep.

Introduction of white noise to also work wonders at helping a baby drift more easily between sleep cycles.

These are an example to show you how comprehensive the knowledge is nowadays around baby sleep! Simply put the more we know, the more we can affect and create those much-needed changes.

This knowledge is the backbone of my holistic Sleep Programs. I have combined the most recent research in many areas of baby and child development with the years of experience I have had around baby sleep allowing me to create these programs which will allow you to become the expert in the needs own baby’s sleep!

Please believe me when I say we truly do not have to put up with unsettled, nonsleeping babies and chronic sleep deprivation, not these days anyway.

With the whole movement towards this better understanding and acceptance that your babies sleep is, in fact, something that can actually be actively improved on it is moving towards being more widespread. Which is exactly what we wish & need to happen. Meaning we are witnessing a whole new era of confidence, and that there is a certain power developing more and more the roles of mothers. When people say knowledge is power, I completely and definitely agree. It is! The sleep knowledge I have can give you the power need to make the positive and long-lasting change for your family.

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