Why is it I am in love with Epsom Salts….

“The benefits of using Magnesium daily is widely known and respected. This long-proven super mineral not only has health benefits for you but it is also great at helping with sleep! This super mineral, Magnesium, has been found now a days to be greatly lacking in our diets. When there is a deficiency in this mineral, it has proven to result in a lot of restlessness which results in a poor quality sleep. The good news it is easy to boost our daily dose of magnesium . Simply by having a bath with Epsom Salts in it, making this a great way to be able to do this! By adding roughly one cup of Epson salt to your or the kids bath every night, it allows all the goodness from magnesium to be absorbed directly through the skin. If bathing is not your thing, then don’t worry as it is also possible to get magnesium in an various other forms, such as an body oil, oral spray, in a topical cream or in supplement/tablet form which all offer different methods to ensure absorption. I therefore cannot recommend highly enough the benefits to putting some Epson salts in your own bath or your child’s bath. Too heighten the wave of relaxation soothe you right before bedtime you can also enhance your experience by adding a few drops of your own organic essential oils to your bath.”

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