Why Hire a Sleep Consultant?

The personal service that I provide as your consultant I feel is invaluable, the information I provide is relevant to your family & situation right now. Why would I hire a sleep consultant, the internet is full of advice on this?

By that I mean that every baby is different, every child is individual so to just give the same information to every family will not work. Basic will be same however it is the individual information I provide that is key to the timescale in which you see the results. I can’t give the same information to every baby because they are all unique. My role as your sleep consultant is to assess what you are going through, what the set-up is of YOUR family, and what you need to do. So instead of trying to work through & include all the content on sleep out there. And there is a lot.  I will give you a simple step-by-step program informing you of how you can fix your baby’s sleep problems.

I hold your hand every single step of the way.

Sometimes making changes to your child’s routine can be difficult. Even when you know exactly what to do – having someone who can remind you why it is important to invest in good sleep habits for your child and assure you that you are doing everything right becomes the difference between success & yet another failure of resolving the issues. Most people actually give up when they are 85% there, my role is to ensure you continue that last 15% and make it happen so it really not just a dream.

Is the investment worth it…

Great question. So currently you might be asking yourself, why spend this money? So, I will ask you simply to think about it like this… the cost is easily spent on a new haircut, on one trolley of groceries or on a date night with your partner. With one major difference, is investment is in a Good Night sleep with a programme that will fix your sleep problems so that you can actually enjoy the date night without having to worry about what is going on with the babysitter, that ever since after will be a good night sleep. Unless obviously someone is sick which is only a temporary situation, not a permanent one.

So for me, when I had the opportunity to solve my families sleep it was only ever going to be the very simple & effective answer YES. For me it helped me put it in perspective, does it do that for you too?

Does it works!

When I initially meet parents who are exhausted, their faces tell me their concerns. Most of my client’s initial concern is: “But what if it does not work…” Simply put…It works! If you follow the plan, there is never been a situation where this has not worked. All you need to do is listen to the countless number of parents who have used me before. The real question I would suggest you ask is yourself, what other options do I have? How large of a problem out of a scale of 1-10 (10 being unbearable) is your child’s sleep habits at the moment?

This will give you the answers you need.

So there are lots of consultants out there….who, how & from where do I choose my consultant.

-Here are my top tips for choosing your sleep consultant:

-Do they give you generic knowledge or do they provide information that is unique to my family?

-Am I comfortable with the methods they use?

Do they offer to support me through the process?

-What qualifications do they have and how creditable are they?

-What do other client’s say who have already used them?

-Are they professional?

-Do they know what I’m going through?

-Have they worked with similar cases?

-Are they friendly and helpful?

-Can I relate to the consultant?

Answers to these questions

Once you have asked yourself these questions & you find a consultant you can have an open, trusting relationship with then I believe you are 75% there already as they will then arm you with the knowledge & believe for the remaining 25% to ensure you succeed. So why you would hire a sleep consultant to be an important decision… it is about trusting them with your family.

If you would like to discuss any of these points with me to see how I can personally help you, family, then please do reach out where I will be very happy to have a 15 FREE sleep evaluation call where I can explain more about the program, my commitment to your family situation & how I can help you.

My testimonial

Read the testimonial from Sophie Baker from Cyprus with Lily Ann aged 7months.

“My baby was 7 months and sleep was becoming a luxury. I decided enough was enough as I could not function normally anymore. Upon searching the internet for a sleep consultant and found Lisa Gargaro. Initially, I did not know what to expect from Lisa however she designed a plan just for our little girl and explained everything fully ensuring we know how and what to do at every eventuality….to read more click here.