When is the best time to hire a sleep consultant?

Sleep consultation

So, you are currently finding that your baby or young child is experiencing sleeping difficulties. I’ll hypothesize for a moment by saying that I can almost guarantee that you’ll have been trying to find a way to help your child sleep better yourself. This can be through reading a book or website, calling to ask a friend, talking with your doctor. All of these many have you were you are right now, it has you thinking of one step further, considering hiring a professional to help you. You are looking at finding the right certified child sleep consultant as there are many of us out there now so why me and why now?

Let me answer that for you now. So, over the last few years of doing this business, I’ve spoken to many tired parents who always say the same thing on our initial 15 min introductory sleep call. They say “that they have actually been thinking about calling me for a while now, but they had just been hoping that everything would get better over time and on their own”. There are a few of those parents who have said they thought & believed it was too early or perhaps maybe even too late to contact me to ask for my help. This leads to the most common question I get asked. “So when exactly is the right time for parents to make any sort of changes to their child’s sleeping habits?”

The short answer – is it never too early to start teaching sleep. The longer answer – is anywhere between the ages of 4 – 14 months ideally. Of course, this is certain situations – such as, was the baby full term when it was born and is their health good. So what happens when I get one of these calls.

Firstly, I start by commending the parents for calling me while their babies are this age and second for making their decision to help their child learn and establish good, healthy sleep habits. It is at this age, that children are most able to learn & develop great independent sleep skills themselves in the quickest way and with the least amount of struggle. This is because they are still young enough to not have had long enough to have developed too many habits which can be hard to break, while they have not yet entered the realm of the wonderful world of the temperamental toddler age. Their old enough as they are past that new-born phase, meaning that they are developmentally able to achieve and sustain those longer stretches of sleep which are needed. That’s not to panic those of you who have children older than 14months. Do not worry, children older than 14 months with sleeping difficulties can be taught sleep too, I just used different methods to achieve it. It is more down to the fact that it is this age group I work with most often.

As I mentioned, it is completely possible to also help those toddlers too and to develop the same independent sleeping skills. The only difference is that it is just a slower & longer process. I advise those parents of testing toddlers, that the journey for their toddler to independent sleep will be like running a long, distance race. If your baby is still younger than 4 months old, then I just make you aware that their ability to sleep for long periods of time has not yet matured yet. However, that does not mean you do not do anything, I believe passionately that there are always a few simple things you can do that will also help begin to develop a really good healthy sleep habit for them. All that is simple is just as I said we use different processes than we would do for an older baby.

Some of the latest research has shown that your children’s sleep will not get better by just leaving them to learn this themselves until the children are around the age of 5/6 years old. Now I believe that is a very long time to be a sleep-deprived family and in all honesty, it is unnecessary. So, if you are the parent of a little one, (at any age) that is not sleeping well I would suggest that you don’t just wait to see their sleep will get better on their own. I can help.

Contact me for a free 15-minute introductory call where we can discuss your own situation and how I can help you. You can book a call with me when it suits you and I am available, or you can email me at lisa@lisagargarosleep.co

The good thing about my services is I offer several different types of programs and I can advise you on what would be the best solution for your family’s specific needs. Every family deserves to be happy, healthy and well rested. I look forward to speaking and helping your family be just that. Sleep well