The Unique Sleep Issues Faced By Men

There is a different set of reasons why men might not be getting enough shut-eye

Both men and women can indeed find themselves suffering from sleep problems at various points in their lives. It found that the issues men face can be unique and are different from women.

For some, it i’s caused due to their attitude. The pressure of “being a man” might have you thinking about that stigma associated with prioritizing your need for sleep to be a sign that you’re lazy and are not working hard enough.

For others, a more straightforward fundamental cause is the real issue. The simple fact you are unsure of exactly how much sleep you need to be having. It can be due to you being unaware of specific sleep issues, which target men more often than women—also being unaware that the fundamentals are that the two sexes sleep differently.

The reason behind what is causing the lack of sleep all lead to the same result. All of these concerns and outcomes are getting in the way of you simply feeling well rested, more energized, and knowing with a strong belief; you are ready to tackle your daily life.

Are There Maybe Too Many Other Priorities?

For one moment, think about a typical day for you. For most men, a typical day consists of going to work, completing your daily exercise routine, and ensuring you fit in time to stay connected with friends while ensuring the wife/partner & children all have an appropriate amount of quality time. It is no real surprise to you that you can only manage six hours of sleep with all these commitments. Not surprisingly, all those demands become very clear and obvious to understand why sleep comes from your last priorities.

How there are a few ways you can fix that:

Start by simply writing down everything and everyone that you are currently spending time doing in your week. Is there anything that could wait? Are any of these tasks able to be delegated? Removing some tasks to lower on the list then allows sleep to move higher up your priority list naturally. You are creating a win-win situation. With you be better rested, tackling your hectic days will become more comfortable and time managed better, allowing you to achieve what you need to much more quickly.

These choices make you at a Higher Risk for Sleep Apnea.

We all know men are much more susceptible to sleep apnea than women. Research has shown this is due to there being a  connection between levels of testosterone and sleep apnea. The condition of Sleep apnea is when your breathing stops and starts during sleep. It affects between four and nine percent of adult men while linked to low testosterone levels.  Making one of the treatment plans for apnea testosterone therapy. Being overweight can also increase your risk of suffering from this, so getting down to a healthy range will benefit you also. Limiting alcohol consumption also helps reduce symptoms.

Men dont seek treatment for depression when you need to.

As we know, for many men, seeking help for mental health issues like depression is particularly challenging, with many men choosing to ignore their symptoms completely. Others worry about the stigma of it not being “macho” to admit they are struggling and are depressed.

It is essential to know that when an issue like depression is left untreated, it can affect every part of your life. Most surprising to lots, this also includes your sleep. One of the first signs is that you notice that it begins to feel at night; it is almost impossible to fall asleep with it becoming just as tough to get out of bed in the morning.

Seeking help when you need it is the best way forward. Speaking with a therapist, counselor, or psychiatrist being the best way to help you deal & cope with your depression. Getting you back to a healthy place once again.

Other Medical Issues can cause disturbed sleep too.

The older you get, additional health problems can develop, which can impact your sleep both in satisfaction and quantity.  One of these common ailments is an enlarged prostate. You were affecting than half of the male population by the age of 60. This condition causes you to wake throughout the night due to the need to pee. Other sleep disruptors could be conditions such as heart disease, asthma, arthritis, or even the medications you must take to manage these.

Sleep is essential – it is not the luxury we have been led to believe all these years. Sleep is just as important as the air we breathe and the water we drink to ensure your body functions as it should. Should you find your sleep has started to go downhill or have been suffering for a while with lousy sleep – please know, this does not have to be this way. There is help available right here, and I can you get the sleep you need.

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