Scotland UK Sleep Consultant

Do any of your family members, you included, have trouble sleeping through the entire night? Are you searching for answers as to why you are not sleeping well? I am the founder and owner of Lisa Gargaro Sleep Co. I have the experience and knowledge to help!

I am the mother of four children and believe me, I have had plenty of experience with the challenges of a baby who did not sleep through the night. My husband and I were at our wit’s end when we came across the the sleep programs that changed our lives. Having spent the last 11 years studying sleep to varying degrees. I decided that I was going to make this my new passion my business as I wished to help others out there who also struggle with sleep. Having found the answers I wish to know more about the hows and why sleep is so effected. I study psychology and sleep programs for adult, children and newborn babies. From then on, our home became a happy place, and we never looked back.

I have a greater understanding of how parents need the guidance to teach their children to sleep and how babies should actually sleep. From this experience, I started my own sleep consulting business, Lisa Gargaro Sleep Co. My greatest passion is helping and supporting families on their journey of getting their lives in order. I take on each individual client and their sleep dilemma as a weighty responsibility.

Antenatal Sleep Consulting

As a mum-to-be, you are faced with so much information about the numerous options you have concerning which doctor to see, how to feed your baby, etc. Support in these areas is necessary, and you will continue to need recommendations long after your baby is born.

However, I am aware of the lack of information new parents are given about their new baby’s sleep patterns. This one element of being a new parent will have an enormous impact on your everyday life for the years ahead. Merely being aware of what to expect will be vital for every family member. I can educate you concerning your newborn’s sleep habits and help you and your entire family be assured in your response to each challenge that arises.

Paediatric Sleep Consulting
(Ages 0-16)

When you have a child that doesn’t sleep well, your family life will end up in chaos very quickly. Everyday duties become a burden and almost impossible to accomplish. Knowing how to sleep is a skill that is learned, the same as walking and talking. This ability needs to begin as a newborn. I can help you understand the best place to start and how to go about teaching it to your baby.

The first step is patience. Although you may not get eight hours of undisturbed sleep, just by learning your infant’s sleep patterns will be beneficial. As your child ages, new sleep habits will need to be discovered. With the toddler stage, other challenges, like new independence, begin. I will be here to help you and your family with their sleep journey all the way through the teenage stage. I will educate you on how to achieve restful sleep. Before you know it, spending time with your spouse will be a reality!

Adult Sleep Consulting

Newborns and children are not the only humans that experience sleeping challenges. Our fast-paced world, jobs that bring stress, and financial difficulties, all contribute to our sleep patterns. One issue, damaging to our health, is insomnia which many adults face. Receiving the needed amount of sleep is crucial to the mental and physical well-being of everyone. Here is the good news. I can help you obtain the sleep you need.

When you work with me, I will set up a personalized sleep plan and support you throughout the process as the weeks unfold. You will fill out an extensive online questionnaire about your sleeping patterns, you will record work schedules, and your everyday routines, and also keep a daily drink and food calendar.

Once that is completed, we will have our first virtual meeting. During that time, we will talk about sleep strategies, deal with specific personal issues, and troubleshoot possible problems. I also use CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) which have been proven to have great result in adult with insomnia issues. The Sleep has a excellent article which details these results and why they are so helpful in insomnia cases.  Being the new leading recommended method of treatment in these patients.  It doesn’t matter how you picked up bad sleep habits; I can help you overcome and get the proper night’s rest you deserve.

Family Sleep Consulting

Everyone in the family is affected when even one member of the family has picked up bad sleep habits. I am ready to help your family get back to proper sleeping. By consulting with me, you will receive a family sleep plan custom-designed for your family. I will remain close to help you through the weeks ahead and offer support to you and your family.

In our online meetings, I will discuss bedtime, naptime, night waking, and other various issues that arise. You will receive four weeks of follow-up emails and 30-minute calls weekly to guarantee complete success as a family with your personalized sleep plan.

Sleep Consulting Expert in Scotland UK

Are you longing for a good night’s sleep? Are you out of energy, exhausted, and have no one to turn to? Are you still not sleeping even after reading every book you can on the issue? I know exactly where you are! Lisa Gargaro Sleep Co. will help you, your baby, and your entire family learn healthy sleep patterns and sleep better for a lifetime. There is no reason to endure another sleepless night. Contact me today to receive a 15-minute introductory call. As a Holistic Sleep Consultant in Scotland, UK. I am here for you!