London UK Sleep Consultant

Are you, your child, or even your entire family have trouble sleeping through the night? Do you need answers to your sleep dilemmas? As the owner of Lisa Gargaro Sleep Co. I can help! I have the experience and knowledge to help your family get sleeping again. Why? I have dealt with children who did not sleep through the night. As a mother of 4, my husband and I were feeling the frustration of having children with sleep troubles, and I finally learned the Sleep Sense method. Now, having a greater understanding of how babies should be sleeping and realizing that parents need guidance and support, which is sadly being missed by many families, I started my own sleep consulting business, Lisa Gargaro Sleep Co. By helping tired mums, dads, and babies finally get the sleep they need, I know I have found my life’s calling. My greatest passion is truly supporting families and helping them get their lives back on track. I take this responsibility very seriously.

Antenatal Sleep Education

You receive plenty of information concerning the many options that go along with having a baby from birth to feeding. You will need support in all of these areas long after your baby is born. I do notice however the lack of information given to new parents about the new baby’s sleep patterns. This one aspect of life will have a very large impact on your day to day existence for some time to come. Knowing what to expect will be valuable to your whole family. I can assist you with understanding your baby and helping you be confident in your response to their needs.

Paediatric Sleep Consultant (0-16 years)

Having a child that does not sleep well, brings disarray to your family life patterns. Simple tasks begin to feel insurmountable. Sleeping is a skill that has to be taught, just like talking and walking. Knowing where to start and the best way to go about it is what I will help you with. Teaching your child how to sleep through the night begins as a newborn. Be patient…you will probably not get your normal eight hours of uninterrupted sleep but learning your baby’s sleep patterns will be helpful. Once your child gets past the newborn stage of sleeping, new habits will need to be taught. Graduating to the toddler arena brings new challenges such as a new independence. I will be here for you and your child’s sleep journey all the way into their teenage years. I will show you where to start and the way to accomplish the goal of restful sleep. Peaceful evenings with your spouse can once again be a reality.

Adult Sleep Consultant

Sleep problems are not just for newborns and small children. As adults, living in a stressful fast paced society, insomnia is a dire problem. Sleeping through the night almost seems an impossibility. Proper sleep is a critical part of good health and physical and mental well-being. Good news! I can help by providing you with a personalized sleep plan, being there for you through the weeks ahead, along with guiding and supporting you. Once you complete a comprehensive online questionnaire about your sleep patterns, documenting daily food and drink intake, and tracking work and daily life routines, we will set up a virtual meeting. This information will allow me to have a preliminary assessment of your sleep habits. I will discuss sleep strategies, troubleshoot possible problems, and teach you how to deal with specific issues you may have. It is time to reset, focus on yourself, and learn how to get a peaceful night’s rest.

Family Sleep Consultant

Once one family member gets away from good sleep patterns, it can cause havoc in the entire family. I am here to assist your family in getting back to healthy sleeping. By consulting with me, you will receive a family sleep plan customized for your personal family. I will remain close to help you through the weeks ahead and support your entire family. In our consultation meetings, I will address bedtime, naptime, night waking, and various other issues you may be facing. I will provide four weeks of follow-up emails along with weekly 30 minute calls to make sure you are having success as a family with the personalized sleep plan.

Sleep Consultation in London, UK

Has it been a long time since you have had a good night’s sleep? Is your crying baby or toddler keeping you exhausted and not sure where to turn? I have been right where you are, and I am here to help you! My plans are very reasonably priced and will support and guide you on this sleep journey. You and your family do not have to endure another sleepless night! Contact me today and you will receive a 15-minute introductory call. As a certified holistic Sleep Consultant in London, UK. I am ready to help!