CASE STUDY: Twins does this mean that is TWICE as exhausting?

In this blog I am going to address working with a real-life mother who made the decision to reach out for help. I will my case study with the hope that this will help any other mum’s/parents who are finding themselves to be a same, or similar situation. With not every parent parenting in the same way, and that when you read this you please do not judge, criticize or demean any of these mothers and parents’ choices they have made in what way feels best for them to be parenting their babies & their families.

The Scott family

The Babies Name are Aaron and Christopher Scott. They are aged: 4 months when the mother: Charlotte reached out to me about their sleep, or lack of it.

The scenario that made Charlotte contact me

The scenerio was that fact that their naps were only ever catnaps and she was unable to get into any sort of routine with her babies so feeding, sleeping were all being affected. The household was becoming exhausted with the situation.

Charlotte said: From birth, both Callum (the baby’s father) and I decided from the start that we wished to rock our boys to sleep. They were just so tiny, and precious to us both we just didn’t wish to put them down over the first few days & weeks. We were mainly guessing on when they were both needing to go to sleep. We quickly found this to be was very exhausting for us all, especially with there being two babies!

What we found

What we were finding was that both boys only slept for 45 minutes at the most for any of these naps. At its worst, I felt like I was spending all my day focusing on sleep while I desperately tried to get them to do this, the struggle to finally get them to both be sleeping was unbearable. This was then made worse by the fact that either one or both would then wake again not long after I had finally managed it. It was at this point that I had to speak to Callum about getting help with their sleep and routine.

Lisa Gargaro Sleep Co sleep program was the only program we wished to try, After seeing and reading about it on Facebook. Especially being attracted to the holistic sleep program. Due to its holistic and family-focused basis offered to our family in Lisa’s sleep programs.  We both felt her personalised programs suited our family ethos the most. It was reflective of what we wished to offer in our ability to offer comfort. While we supported our babies while they learned to sleep. With the level of Lisa’s understanding on crying it was truly encouraging.

FAQ – about sleep teaching

So, after our initial introductory call with Lisa, we decide that this was the right program for our family, so we purchased the infant sleep program. We started implementing the program and suggestions made in it straight away. When the boys were just three months old. The results were terrific. In a matter of a week, we had both started to see results in both the boy’s sleep. The program took three weeks for us to all get our days fully on track. Naps perfect with a daily routine established meaning nighttime sleeping improved significantly.

The difference is amazing.

We have a completely different family. With structure to our days, I am now able to make the right plans for our family; I now know when either one of them is in need of a nap, and best of all, for exactly how long. I have also learnt what to do on days when things go wrong and/or on those days we have a different schedule, due to having a baby class we wish to attend at midday. The boys have learnt how to self-settle because of the gentle methods in the sleep program.

All I now must do now is just simply take them place them in their cot. They put themselves to sleep! This is such a big and fundamental change, to have gone from having to rock them for ages to have even got them to sleep to doing it all on their won.

Best of all with them both having a nap for two hours around lunchtime most days, I now have this time in the middle of the day to do my own daily tasks. This now ensures I don’t have to do my work at night, instead allowing my husband and I have valuable time alone together in the evening.


Aron and Christopher were both in need of a structure to their day. By doing this, I was able to help the parents ensure they were both napping well. By providing enough sleep at nap times, this then led to the restoration of excellent sleep throughout the night too. Once Charlotte and Callum had implemented my Infant Sleep Program, they were able to ensure the boys had the right awake windows which were reflective of their age.

Along with some simple and easy changes in their sleep environment, we were able to help the boys settle and sleep well independently over the 3-week program. The boys were then ready to start self-settling, meaning with minimal to eventually no help from either parent. With everyone in the Scott family is now very well rested and happy! Highlighted by putting and having a little routine in you and your child’s day, it can create such a huge difference!

The Scott family said –

“Our babies are much more settled, well-rested babies now during the day. Thank you, Lisa. With little, to no crying ever now sleep is needed! The Infant Sleep Programs is great. The support and information Lisa Gargaro provided was such a valuable aspect of the program. Having Lisa at the end of a call or email offering the right advice at the right time was invaluable. It was much easier than me trying to find and read the various options out there. Being sleep deprived, I was not thinking straight due to this. I cannot recommend Lisa Gargaro Sleep Co programs highly enough. It changed our lives. Thank you, Lisa.”

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