Remember, there is a reason you are reading this

Over the past few years I have been offering my consultations as a sleep consultant, do you know something? During my call to these parents calls and meetings, I always remind them that sleep teaching is not for those who are faint-hearted. To successfully sleep teach, it all takes time, lots of patience, and 100% consistency, and commitment to the program.

Do you know something? Some of you reading this right now may feel like you’re not ready to tackle this right now and today is not the day… I totally get that and that is okay.

What I do wish to ask you to remember, is that something brought you to Lisa Gargaro Sleep Co Site®. You started to read this for a reason. While you in your own mind think it is something totally unrelated, but with my experience and expertise I say is sleep-deprivation. This on top of the realization that for you to be the parent that you want to be to your baby during these formative years.

So, my simple answer to you right now are: yes, this well be hard at times. And yes, there will most probably be moments if not days when you will just wish to quit with this sleep training things.

What I know to be true, especially more so now after working with a lot of families, is that YOU CAN do this. You can all surprise yourselves. What make this even more special and the best part about this is that you will not have to do it alone! I am here to help you make this successful, Let’s be honest my reputation as a sleep consultant depends on it ?.

While I totally understand and can even relate to the fact that you currently believe you are not in the right place to start this today, then yes. You take the time you need to get ready to make the positive changes. What I will ask from you though is please – don’t wait too long. Putting this off doesn’t not help. All it will eventually do is make you ALL endure weeks or months of sleeplessness. Which has such a huge negative impact on you and your family, agreed? So let’s make your family a positive, happy, loving and well rested one. Where crying, moaning, tantrums, meltdowns can all become rare occurrences rather than the daily grind of life.

Let’s start today. Grab the program that suits you best, seize the opportunity and reclaim your own and everyone else’s sleep!

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