Teenager sleep

Teenagers & sleep – During their teenage years, our children enter a formative period in their life. Both a teenager’s brain and body experiences many significant developments during their transition to adulthood.

In these developments, significant changes occur. Touching their life in many ways. The most significant changes being emotionally and in their personality. In both a social and family aspect of their life. It is affecting them academically too.

Sleep then becomes even more essential for our teenagers at this time in their life. Their body is working hard behind the scenes to ensure they are at their best. Unfortunately, recent research has highlighted considerable numbers of teenagers who are not getting nearly enough sleep. And sadly, in reality, they are getting considerably less amount of daily sleep than they require.

An agreement

In an agreement, both the National Sleep Foundation and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine share the view that teens need between 8 and 10 hours of sleep per night. Ensuring that teenagers get the recommended hours of sleep will help our teenagers thrive on being their best. Thanks to their body and brain being able to maintain their health & well-being, both physical & emotional. At the same time, they thrive at their level in their school performance.

As well as these pressures, as mentioned above, teenagers at the same time, face numerous challenges to achieving consistent and restorative sleep. By recognizing these challenges that our teenagers face with their sleep means we can help both them and their parents create a plan to ensure that our teenagers get the right amount and type of sleep they need.

To read more about the effect of hormones on sleep as well as more about myself and how I can help you. I offer 15 min introductory calls where we can discuss your sleep situation, I can listen to you and advise you on how best I can help you get your teenager’s sleep back on the right path and how a 15 min call can change their life.