Get teenager sleep help now.

When most teenagers are having sleep problems, their parents start by talking with their doctor. Teenager sleep help discuss how much sleep they are actually getting and how this amount is impacting their life daily. Some GP’s can identify any underlying medical causes which could have created this—allowing them to suggest an appropriate and tailored treatment. CBT-I and sleep programs are increasingly becoming the best method. CBT-I is proven to be highly effective in turning someone’s sleep around.

Depending on the sleep problem’s leading cause, the doctors may discuss medication use, asking for consideration. However, in most cases, treatment using medications is NOT the answer or necessary for a teenager to achieve better sleep. Teenager sleep help can be in other ways rather than medication.

The MOST beneficial step a teenager can have is to review their sleep help is hygiene and make improvements first. Including their sleep environment and any habits associated with it.

Best way to help

Below are just some of the healthy sleep tips to help with this process, and they include:

1•             Factoring in eight hours of sleep in their daily schedule. Keep the schedule the same for both weekdays and weekends.

2•             Creating a consistent pre-bed routine, one which involves relaxation to enable falling asleep quickly.

3•             NO caffeine and energy drinks, especially from 3 pm and most definitely not in the evening.

4•             ALL electronic devices are switched off for at least one hour before bed. Turning them off or ensuring they are in the silent mode will help avoid the desire to check them during the night.

5•             Making your bed is supportive in both the mattress and pillows.

6•             Bedrooms kept cool, 16-20*, be quiet and dark.

The best Sleep hygiene modifications prove cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia (CBT-I) has the best results. This form of talking therapy for those suffering from sleeping problems has been the most effective in adults. It can be helpful to specific children and teenagers also. CBT-I works by reshaping any negative ideas and thoughts associated with their sleep by implementing an array of practical steps that create a better sleep routine.

What can parents do to help teens get better sleep?

For most parents, the first step is to engage with your teenager about their sleep. 92% of parents recently surveyed about their teenagers’ sleep, sadly not being aware that their child was sleeping problems.

The most helpful way forward for parents is to encourage their teenagers to sleep is to seek help from a sleep professional. By doing so, they can also work with their children making gradual sleep hygiene improvements. The research found those teens where their parents had set a firm bedtime got more sleep. Meaning they had much less daytime drowsiness.

Parents can work with their teenagers on their after-school commitments. They are avoiding any overscheduling for them both. Significantly reduces the stress that occurs from overscheduling—a trade-off which leads to an adequate amount of time for sleep being achieved.

Where now from here?

Lisa Gargaro Sleep Co offer CBT & children sleep programs. Designed for children aged 4 – 16 years. The age that CBT-I can be used is from 6 years plus. With each situation being individually judged for each child and situation. The programs run for between 3 – 6 weeks subject to each situation. or more details click here. I also am happy to speak with you or your teenager about you and their sleep situation and wish to extend you the offer of a free 15 minute introductory call with myself. I can advise you during this call how I can help and would be the most help to your family.