Sleep tips for new parents

As Autumn is well underway, many people have fully returned back to work and college after their holidays. For many couples though they are preparing for one of the most massive change in their lives – be parents. It is well known that the months of August and September see the most amount of birth rates compared to any other time of year.

With new parents welcoming their new baby home, they are almost without a doubt saying goodbye for now to something else. You guessed it, a normal sleep schedule.

What new parents are saying about sleep.

According to the latest research, reports show both men and women are not fully satisfied with their sleep after the birth of their little one. For some it has taken up until the age of six to get their sleep schedule back to something that resembles normal.

As our little one changes over time, developments & life continue to shakes up your sleep schedule. It is therefore really important to keep a few tips in the front of your mind to enable you to continue sleeping to the best of your ability at each stage. ( I know personally how hard as that might be at times).

The following sleep tips help new parents get started.

  1. Sleep when baby sleeps. When the baby is awake, all your time will be spent on baby duty. Feeding, changing & caring for every need they have. Therefore, it is very important to try and get some sleep whenever this is possible.  Tempting as it is to do those chores or catch up on those missed episodes of your favourite TV show. I cannot stress enough how important it is to at this time put all your duties aside and take a nap.
  2. Don’t become dependent on caffeine. It true caffeinated drinks such as coffee does help you wake up, making you more alert at that point. There are definite negative side effects also of consuming caffeine later in the day. Caffeine when coupled up with the inconsistency of the wild sleep schedule. That new parents find themselves in the middle of. Caffeine in the end becomes detrimental to the situation. Simply by overdoing your caffeine consumption it masks your need for rest. While being detrimental to your ability to fall asleep.
  3. Ask for and be willing to accept help. Having the ability to take a step back while asking those around you for assistance is OK. Ask those friends, family, and other loved ones around you to help you. By having those around helping with baby duties allows you the time to take a well-deserved nap. To get some much-needed rest.
  4. Do not share your bed with your newborn. The Lullaby Trust clearly states when sleeping it is safer and best to leave your baby in their own crib or bassinet. The ensure your little one is safe and can help you get better quality sleep. Following their advise on how to make your baby is “Safe to Sleep.” Bring your baby into bed to nurse is OK. I encourage the closeness this bring with you as they nurse. However, you should always return your baby from their own cot before you doze off.
  5. Alternating those feeding nights. Newborns need feed around the clock when they are first born. Making it hard for breastfeeding mums to get enough of their own sleep during the night. Trying to get your baby transitions to a bottle of either expressed or formula. It will enable you involve your spouse or partner to be involved in the care of the little one as well.

What help can we get from the start?

The new born sleep program, offers further hints & tips on how to best get your little one sleeping. Help find that right balance between enough sleep & awake time. Creating good sleeping habits which lay the foundations for all future sleep. This sleep guide will also ensure you have the best balance of love, care & sleep

How can we make good decision?

Wish to speak about your little ones sleep, then I would be happy to chat. I offer 15 min discovery calls where we can chat about what is to be expected. What is real with your little ones and what I can do to help you get established with great sleep.