Why is Sleep Important for Teens?

Sleep is vital for any age. However, it has a profound mental, physical, emotional and social development that requires teenagers to have a night of quality sleep.

Their Thinking and Academic Achievement

The benefits that sleep has on the brain is immense. Proving attention and memory will helping their analytical thoughts by making thinking sharper. It is recognized as the most crucial information when it comes to consolidating learning.

Sleep enables expansive thinking allowing a spur in creativity. Whether it be studying for a test, learning to play an instrument, or gaining additional skills, sleep for a teenager is essential.

When we know the importance of sleep on their brain function, it becomes easy to see why teenagers who are not getting enough sleep tend to suffer from excessive drowsiness and lack of attention, which can truly impact their academic performance.

Teenage Emotional Health

Almost everyone has experienced the effect of lack of sleep on their mood. Experiencing increased irritability, leading to an array of emotional reactions. Over time, the consequences of this can be even more significant for teenagers as they become independent, with more responsibilities and developing new social relationships.

Therefore, when they experience loss of sleep, they are negatively affected in their emotional development. Resulting in an increased risk of personal conflicts, along with much more severe mental health problems.

The following types of mental health disorders linked to poor sleep are anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder. Sleep deprivation in teens has also been linked to the increased risk of them going through with suicide due to levels of stress. Therefore, by improving adolescents sleep will play a role in the prevention of mental health disorders occurring or will reduce any symptoms they experience. Keep reading below…

Physical Health and Development

During sleep, our body virtually contributes to the function and effectiveness of every system within us. By empowering our immune system, regulating our hormones, and ensures our muscles and tissue recovery.

During adolescence, substantial physical development occurs, which will negatively be affected by a lack of sleep. For example, researchers found adolescents who fail to get enough sleep to have a troubling metabolic profile. Putting them at a higher risk of developing diabetes and having long-term cardiovascular problems.

Decision-Making, leading to Risky Behaviour

When sleep deprivation occurs, frontal lobe development can be affected. The part of our brain that is critical to controlling any impulsive behaviour. Not be surprising, numerous studies found older teenagers not getting enough sleep are more likely to engage in high-risk behaviour. For example, drunk driving, texting while driving, riding a bicycle without a helmet, and failing to use a seatbelt. The use of both drugs and alcohol also increases, smoking more, during a taking part in risky sexual behaviour. With sleep-deprived teenagers being involved in fights and owning a weapon. All increasing due to this irritating behaviour for teens who get too little sleep.

These behavioural problems have widespread effects on a teenager’s life. Harming their academic performance and relationships with their family and friends.

Accidents and Injuries

All this insufficient sleep in teenagers make them much more prone to accidental injury, even death in some unfortunate situation. The biggest and most particular concern is the elevated risk of accidents, resulting in drowsy driving. Studies found sleep deprivation reduces our reaction times significantly. The effects have proven to be equal to when the consumption of a significant amount of alcohol occurs. Meaning the impact on teens driving while drowsy amplifies itself. Due to the lack of driving experiences with a higher rate of distracted driving.

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