Sleep Teaching Can’t Be One-Size-Fits-All.

Many parents who come to me share one fact about why they end up with me. They’ve read a pile of sleep advice books without getting results,” says sleep consultant Lisa Gargaro from Sleep Co. “As a result, they worry there is no real solution to their child’s sleep and the problems they face”. the discover that sleep teaching is not one-size-fits-all. The good news is, with the several hundred families I’ve worked with. I have had a case where this has happened when they follow the advice.

The problem isn’t with their child.

It is the source they’re using for help to get a child to sleep. What I have found to be true is one-way sources of advice, although these often contain useful information. They simplify issues while only offering a single solution for every problem. It is not possible. The programs I create I use individualized family assessment methods and various other forms to help with this. By doing so, it enables me to take into account relevant considerations. Examples are a child’s age, developmental stage, temperament while considering the particular needs of each family. What parent find is most of these sleep books advice are of a general type. Making it hard to translate into what parents can apply in their home.

Having a sleep teaching issue with your child.

When families are having a sleep issue with their child, asking parents a series of detailed questions about their child and family situation, including their priorities and values toward their child’s sleep can be very helpful. Our job as paediatricians is to figure out not just what strategies would work the best for your child. While you, as parents, feel comfortable with it. By reviewing the multiple options available. It can help parents decide what makes the most sense for them and is most likely to succeed. Follow Up Support Follow up support is a vital part of her program.

While books, websites and even some experts tell parents what to do. the help gives some answers. Through sleep teaching with a one size fits all solution. Then leave them to muddle through on it their own. We can provide parents with crucial follow-up support while they implement our advice. When parents have questions or doubts, we are there to help. And when you start seeing great results, we get to celebrate together! Time and time again, I hear from parents that it is the phone support available has made all the difference. Helping them implement and stick with a plan.

Here to Help.

Of course, some parents can take information from a book and make it work for their child’s sleep issues. If you are one of those parents, rejoice!

If however, you’re one of the many who need or wish more personalized support. The great news is that Lisa Gargaro from Sleep Co is here and happy to help you. By ensuring she does not create a sleep teaching one-size-fits-all program but rather create a unique and personalised sleep program focusing on sleep teaching your family, your child and everyone’s sleep needs. Lisa Gargaro offers a 15min introductory call to discuss your own family and advise on how she best help you all going forward.