The sleep patterns of a newborn baby

The intention here is to be as honest and real as I can. So, let us start with the beginning. After the birth baby for the first few days and even weeks, the baby will still be exhausted from birth. Making them quite sleepy. This is a great situation to be in; let’s be honest. The first thing you will be thinking is, “yessss!!…thank you, we’ve got a good sleeper”…

However, as I said, I wish to keep this real & honest….

  1. You need to be aware that babies can be at risk of becoming overstimulated. Making it very easily once their sleepiness eventually wears off. So, remember, just staring at your beautiful face is honestly as much stimulation your new little one can cope with.
  2. Due to this, the length of time your little can stay awake between periods of sleep is extremely limited. Ranging from between 45 mins to 1-hour maximum. When you find they have been awake for any longer than that, your little one will end up overtired. Making it super tricky to be able to get them back to sleep. However, do be careful as under tiredness is very much a thing too! This happens when you try to put your baby to bed too early. So they have not had enough time being awake, resulting in a refusal to settle and sleep.
  3. Awake times for your baby does increase over time. A 2-week old baby’s awake times will be different from a six-week-old baby. Meaning the little ones’ need for sleep & the amount of awake time they can manage everyday changes as they grow and develop.
  4. The best way to help settle your baby & stay asleep for the right amount of time is to help replicate their sensations while in the womb. In the darkness, this is why swaddling, playing white noise loudly (think hoover loud) while using a little bit of movement is best at a young age. Swaying, bouncing, or even in the pram or the car if all else fails.  When settling your baby, the main aim is to help comfort them in a way they knew for so long will help with the learning & coping with the considerable change they are encountering.

What you are wishing to achieve

The main aim where possible is to allow your baby the chance to fall asleep on their own. This is achievable when your time is right, and they are calm, ready & sleepy enough to do this. By doing this, you are naturally creating the opportunity to allow them the best way to develop and ensure they can do this skill a bit later on as they get older & they will need to be able to do it themselves… However, while they are at the new baby stage, what is most important to focus on is getting them to sleep initally, and it doesn’t matter how you achieve this. Just make sure they do. On some occasions, do not give yourself a hard time or beat yourself if. Due to those occasions, your baby doesn’t sleep in their crib for every sleep. In all honesty, a front sling is GOLD for a new baby…closeness, tight & cuddles…perfect for those times when you need to be hands-free, but they need to sleep.

What I can I do to help…

I also offer my Newborn sleep course guide…hints, tips & suggested methods to help you and your newborn sleep during the first six weeks. Click here to purchase this. The guide I offer newborn sleep programs where we work together for the first six weeks. Helping you create the best & natural opportunity for your new baby to learn so sleep skills as they take in everything around them.

If you are not sure which would be best, I can chat with you about this. I offer a free 15-minute introductory call where we can speak about your situation. I can advise on how best to help you all get the sleep you need and wish for while creating good habits for later on. These are the sleep foundations. Building solid & strong ones will pay dividends as they grow and develop rapidly over the weeks, months & years ahead.