Sleep name your price – what it is and why I chose to offer it to my potential clients?

Despite its relative complexity, it is a customer benefit.

Firstly, due to it being rare in a marketplace. By having this option, the method acts as a differentiator, which offers a compelling alternative in what can be a crowded market. Therefore, by my use of NYOP* pricing, the aim is to attract your attention while being different to stand out from the hordes of similar sellers.

Secondly, and in all honesty, the reason behind my investigation into alternative pricing is that I am TRULY passionate about sleep. The benefits and need for everyone to get a good sleep are vital. Without sleep, our bodies and minds suffer. With this in mind, I did not wish my service to become only available and affordable to only a certain stature &/or demographical location.

Sleep should be achievable for anyone.

At this current time, I am unfortunately not able to offer this as a free service via a charity – ideally, I would, but need to wait to win the lottery first ? Instead, I come up with this idea instead. By offering it this way, it is my next best option to help others provide for my own family.

My own knowledge of psychology and behaviour has brought me to this mindset. An article on the Psychology Today website also explains the buying mindset of potential customers in this blog article understanding your sleep and to name your price will help you move on.

My sleep programs. Click here and select the consultation tab and the appropriate age and package. Then you can make me that offer. I cannot say yes if you do not ask…so let us help your sleep today, for your price the best way. Sleep – name your price, what would you pay for sleep?

Children sleep programs – Birth – 15 years

New born sleep guide– neonatal and new born sleep guide

Adult sleep programs – 16 year +

Adult Sleep guide – a guide to improve your own sleep

Family sleep programs – upto 3 sleep programs for all ages

An Athlete Sleep Guide – . guide for all sport persons to help them achieve sleep to reach their goals and best performance

An Athlete Sleep Program – working with all sport persons achieve their goals and best performance