How just 15 minutes could sleep change your life completely…

I remember when I first started as a sleep consultant. My first client program was challenging.

After about six months, I discovered more about myself and how I could better connect with my client. Simply by taking myself out of my comfort zone. This ensured I deliver the best support and guidance to the families, I help. In the best way for them. By doing so, each day I started to love truly, deeply, passionately what I do more and more.

I was so eager to reach out to as many families as I can. I knew I had to make them feel comfortable with my program. The part, and role I would be while the family joined me on their journey to better sleep. I wanted them to know they could rely on my guidance and what they would be capable of achieving together as a family. And how I could improve the quality of their life for the better.

After giving all the possible means of communicating with someone these days. I decided to go back to the old school method. Speak directly to someone, make that connection to allow us to succeed together.

Understanding people

I understand for most people; the feeling of being unheard is gripping and is unbearable. What has the last few months of this pandemic shown me? That listening, talking, and asking for help and support is typical, even essential. We are all human with good and bad days. Therefore, I wish to offer everyone that opportunity to a life-changing 15-minute call with myself.

Change the way you look at things

It will change the way you look at your child and sleep. I promise you.

I seek out more programs and methods to learn, which ensures I can offer each family the unique and individual sleep programs they need by working alongside many other professionals I admire. Ensuring I spend both times and invest in my training to ensure my coaching is the best I can be. To ensure the families, I work with succeed. Otherwise, my role is pointless.

Many may think this sounds ridiculous, but I usually walk away with more information in just a few minutes than you would expect me to. With all the years of experience, I have the pleasure of dealing with all types of clients, and all having different concerns and results they wish to achieve.

And guess what else I found out-

All of the best professionals I know- not just sleep consultants but anyone who is on top of their game professionally and financially- does the same thing.

I bring you the power of mentorship, and this is what I provide to each of my clients in the programs I create for them.

Getting an external viewpoint on your sleep situation from qualified is the fastest way to make a positive change and those improvements that I know.

With Covid19 restrictions and because not everyone can attend my in-person workshops, I created a way to have an online interaction with my students to get the same results as an in-person mentorship to achieve great sleep.

So, let us chat about your sleep. Tell me about your sleep concerns and tell you directly if I can help you, and on the odd occasion I can’t, I will point you in the right direction to get the help. So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Let’s talk that first step and book a call with me now …today.

Remember- Sleep is achievable – It is not a luxury like many would have you believe; it is necessary. Just because those people are afraid of results and sleep change doesn’t mean you should allow yourself to be kept down too. Look for those around you who are positive, supportive, and inspiring and wish the best for you…they would tell you to pick up the phone and make that change you need.