Eleni had tried EVERYTHING to get her precious daughter to sleep…She had read a lot of books and advise online. The only thing was true was that nothing she was trying was working. So, understandably, Eleni was a complete skeptic; how could she believe that paying for a sleep consultant to help could work. She had already tried so much on her own. It was then that she finally could not handle the whole situation of complete exhaustion anymore. It was then that she decided to reach out to myself for help. This is when everything changed. Her daughter is now sleeping all night independently.  

So if your a skeptical of doing a program then think again. It is OK to get the help we all need with sleep. it is the same as getting a personal trainer for the gym, we all know what we should be doing but it is best to do a program that is 100% correct for you to really see the results you wish. Sleep teaching is the same. The truth is that if what you were doing was really working you would not be reading this blog right now so you need to make that positive change now, let’s start today.