It is just one sleepless night, there is nothing for me to worry about…this is what we tell ourselves and others.

The truth is this is what many people from all around the world say tell themselves just before they are involved in a car crash or while at work make a fatal mistake.

OK…I get it your reading this saying…yeah yeah yeah, we get it, we all know that sleep is necessary for both our physical and mental health, however, I feel that there are very few who actually know how important it really is.

The simple truth is, that we take sleep for granted.

What most people don’t know or understand is that in fact sleep deprivation is in fact similar to alcohol intoxication. I also believe it is best and be most helpful to simply think of it in this way.
So, it, therefore, begs the question – would you or do you ever go to work intoxicated by alcohol? For many of us, the answer is simply No. We certainly do not. Yet far too many of us, drive into work, work with any equipment, make decisions while we are suffering from sleep deprivation. Putting ourselves and others around us at real risk of injury or even death.

I wish to share the latest sleep statistics trending for 2019. I hope these will help make it clear to you that if you have or know someone who is suffering from sleep deprivation or a sleeping disorders these are NO JOKE, and we all need to take our own, and those others we love, sleep much more seriously.

Who knows, by reading these facts who knows, I am hoping somewhere all this might save you or someone’s life.