Safer Sleep Week from the 15th – 21st March where we are taking the opportunity to educate and empower new parents with knowledge.

In association with The Lullaby Trust , Lisa Gargaro Sleep Co would like to help educate new parents on safe sleep. There are many piece of advise out there by good well meaning people. However unfortunately a lot of these are not safe for your baby. So lets us take the time to get this information correct. Let us educate ourselves on what is best and safest for your baby with regards their sleep.

This week I will be writing a blog about each tips and detailing how and why this advise is given.

After undertaking the Lullaby Trust safer sleep training, I felt it is also my responsibility and desire to help parents . New parents need help to understand and educate themselves in safer sleep.

There are 5 main tips and everyday I will share these with you as I said. There is also a downloadable digital pack if you wish more information now…which is great to hear. Click here to access this straight away.

Where and how can I get advise and help?

Should you wish any help or advise on this subject I offer 15 min discovery call where we can chat about your baby sleep.

During this I can advise if this age appropriate normal sleep or if it would be best for you all to get some help with their sleep. In addition I also offer 15 minute consultation call. Do you have a direct question about how to improve your baby sleep then simply book that now with me, here now.

As part of the support offer I can do this at a reduced price to ensure that YOUR own situation is safe and appropriate for your child, use code SafeSleepWeek at the checkout and you will receive 50% off the service you purchase.

In addition and as a good will gesture the cost of the call to be deducted from any further services you purchase from me. This can be used against any of my products. A time set support calls, DIY sleep programs, a fully supported personalized 4 week sleep program. Any of my products should you decide you wish to take a additional services with myself too…so your call today will be FREE.

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