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Helping you sleep better with Angelic Reiki.

Help your sleep with Angelic Reiki.

What is Angelic Reiki?

They are working with powerful yet tranquil healing modalities which operate on a soul level. The source is energies of the highest means, from the love and wisdom of the Angels. By using this, the root cause of any conditions worked on. Meaning Healing and balance on all levels occur, promoting profound Healing.

First, a bit of History

This fascinating healing modality of Angelic Reiki began between October 2002 and February 2003. Archangel Metatron has channelled this new energy healing system to a man called Kevin Core from Yorkshire, UK. Subsequently, Kevin Core and his wife, Christine, taught Angelic Reiki worldwide.

Archangel Metatron is the scribe of God & more importantly, is the keeper of the Akashic Records. In addition to this, he is the guardian of the guardian angels. He walked the earth as Enoch, one of the biblical figures and patriarch prior to Noah’s flood, and the son of Jared and the father of Methuselah. Enoch obeyed the Lord and taught the people with power.

It was through the words Kevin Core famously said, “Angelic Reiki is the healing for our time” Angelic Reiki came to be. It has become more aware, especially over the past few years; the planet’s vibration has been increasing yearly. As humans, we look for ways to become happier, living in a world where everyone is at peace and enjoys the experience of unconditional love. Archangel Metatron, therefore, was known to have sent Angelic Reiki into the world. It enables us all to benefit from our desire to live a better, happier, and fulfilled life. During Angelic Reiki sessions, my role is to help reconnect you with the love and happiness that is your birthright.

Benefits of Angelic Reiki

Homeostasis is reaching by stimulation returning your body’s natural balance

Stimulates your body’s chakras and re-establishment of a harmonious flow of energy

Release of emotional blocks

Relief of stress, tension, and anxiety

Pain relief and healing on different levels

It helps the Healing of past trauma and abuse

Angelic Reiki improves the body’s circulation and helps cleanse toxins and impurities from the body

It gives you clarity, alertness, and heightened perception/healthier perspective

Deep relaxation and a sense of inner peace

It improves sleep – especially Angelic Reiki Sleep which focusing on this topic

It makes you feel refreshed, rejuvenated, re-energised and re-empowered

Who can have Angelic Reiki?

The incredible Healing with Angelic Reiki means it is suitable for everyone. Adults, Children, and babies alike. There are no contraindications, as they come from the angels’ love and wisdom.

What happens in a session?

During our session, the Angels guide me to work with you. I become the vessel to let the healing Angels heal you as you sit or lie on the couch. You will lay fully clothed with a warm blanket, making you feel nurtured.

I am open to the energies sent while guided by the Angels. The angels heal you on all levels -mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. They bring you back to balance in your entire being, allowing improvement in many aspects of your life. These higher energies of the Angels are cleansing, clearing, and recharging. The most recognised benefit of a session is attaining mental focus and clarity on a higher level. They are helping you to see yourself, your life and all the pathway much more clearly. These Healing help you feel loved, supported and guided. You can see the magic and beauty, most notably in yourself and not just in life.

Below is the list of services currently offered by Lisa Gargaro.

Distance Healing

Distance healing is a simple yet beautiful way to receive angelic Healing. The best part being all of this can be from the comfort of your own home meaning you do not have to leave it. We can experience a remarkable distance healing by getting together via Zoom or WhatsApp. Doing so means we can have a lovely conversation face to face, where I get to know more about each other before I start your Healing. When I start the Healing, I want to ensure you are comfortable either sitting down or laying down as you prefer, and I begin the Healing with a lovely relaxing meditation.

Remote Healing

Remote Healing means that you, the client, and I are not in the same room. The Healing starts with me becoming tuned into the client’s energy system. For this, it means I perform Angelic Healing. Remote healing does not require the client to be present or near me because it is all energy work. I use the client’s name and send the client healing with the angels.

My Experience and Journey with Healing

I learnt Usui Reiki healing in 2003 to the master level, but this form of Healing never seemed enough for me. After researching different forms of Healing over the years,  I was finally drawn in 2022 to explore Angelic Reiki. Take my Healing further to gain more knowledge, which would benefit and help my clients feel well. I discovered Angelic Reiki. I studied and trained in this healing method, levels 1 & 2. Both my clients and I have never looked back. This Healing is mighty and has helped my client’s health and sleep improve significantly.

What makes Angelic Reiki so unique?

Angelic Reiki is the ideal solution at the end of our busy days to help let go of stress. Recharging your batteries allows you to look at your current life as it truly is.

How does it work during the session?

The Angelic Reiki Healing session being with an informal chat with you. The first part of the session last for approximately 15 – 20 minutes. During this time, we chat about what you wish to heal.

Then the Healing session begins. This part can take up to 20 minutes. You can sit in a comfortable chair or lie on the therapy bed while the client remains fully clothed throughout the session. Angelic Reiki is typically a hands-on technique of Healing. By this, I mean I am guided by the angels where to place my hands throughout the session, and I gently touch you as the angels guide. Those parts usually are shoulders, knees, stomach or lungs or, as appropriate, wherever the Healing requires. You will need to advise me at the start of our chat if you prefer I not touch you. Healing with be provided using Distance healing in these instances.

As the beginning of the actual Healing session starts, I invoke my healing angel, the Galactic healers and the Ascended Masters that are appropriate for your healing session. I will do this quietly while standing behind you (if you are seated) or beside you (if you opt for the therapy bed).

The angels then begin to send their Healing energy through my hands into your body to the parts that require Healing. The body will only absorb as much healing energy as required for the Healing to occur.

As well as receiving Healing, the angels working with us may also have messages for you. These messages can be advice regarding your current life situation, an alert to look out for or which direction to take. It will be a personal message that the Angels feel you need to have to help with your Healing.

What are the benefits of Angelic Reiki?

During the Healing, you may experience inner calm, a sense of peace and a feeling of upliftment. The angels are sending you their unconditional love and will take any worry and fears away from you. Therefore, on some occasions, emotions can unexpectedly surface, which is very normal and part of the Healing process. Angelic Reiki Sleep is a powerful way to help you sleep better reaching deep sleep quicker and easier.

I will know when the Healing is complete as the angels will let me know. At this stage, I ask Archangel Michael to anchor the Healing you received and to ground my client firmly to the earth. As well as ask Mother Gaia to send any excess healing energy to the parts of the world that are in need the most.

We end the session with a follow-up chat right after the Healing session. During this, we discuss your experience and how you are now feeling. It is common for me to recommend one follow-up session for most clients, which will depend on everyone’s circumstance and what condition requires Healing.

Please note and be advised that Angelic Reiki can heal many conditions – emotional, physical, and mental. Therefore, before booking a session with me, I recommend you consult your general practitioner or specialist first to rule out any underlying issues. I also offer a free 15 min discovery call where I can speak with you about this and give you advise on the best way forward for you. To book this call simply click this here.

Please get in touch with me with any questions you may have or to purchase your session click here.