Racial Understanding in Sleep Teaching – Blending families with an understanding

Ensuring racial understanding of sleep teaching in the forefront in my mind. The key, I have found in my business is about ensuring I create an environment which is full of open communication. Emphasising who my clients are, always a family unit. That live and thrive in a loving yet challenging at times, situations.

As we are aware that there are times when difficult as these conversations are, I need to make my consultations a place where both our parents and kids can safely ask honest questions and share reasonable concerns. I need to be aware of the many potential tensions. The beliefs of this family are crucial to my understanding of them. Which, in turn, allows me to help and understand their goal. That is, being a loving and happy family. Sleep can be critical to this. Ensuring all ethnic background are recognised and consider when I create programs for all my clients.

Honest and open

I try my best to avoid stereotyping anyone. If however there are occasion this may need to occur, I wish to explain more. I wish to express the reason why, honestly, and openly here and now. his is needed. To me, this is not about the colour of the person skin. It is about ensuring I can understand the family wishes. There are many reasons why labelling someone is wrong.

I wish to help that family be the best they can be regardless of what or where they have come. Seeing their eyes, their hearts, their souls, and not their skin. I openly talk about how these issues relate to each member of our family. Sharing how we see things from each of our unique viewpoints.

The bigger picture

I am taking the whole situation into considerations when I create a sleep program. Means I can ensure I am creating this with the family’s ethos at the forefront of the programs. Allowing them to be the people they are. Following their beliefs. They wish as they succeed at being the best versions of themselves and as a family, they can be daily.   To allow me to create a program for you. I offer you the opportunity to purchase a personalised sleep program to you, and your families need. Being honest with you about this and explain how I can help you achieve the excellent sleep we all need.

To discuss this further, I invite you to book a call with me. I offer a free 15 min introductory call. Where we can speak about the challenges you and your family face daily with regards to sleep.