Sleep Support Zoom Group (18 – 24 months)

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Additional Zoom Support Groups can be found on The Sleep Academy page within the website.

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Support Group for Sleep via Zoom (18 – 24 months)

A weekly support group which will run for four weeks. Where we will discuss everything sleep that is associated with your toddler.

Above all, advice, support and help will offer you when you join the group. It is not just about sleep – we can chat all things, toddler. Allowing you time for you to share your experiences and make new friends. Who are in the same situation as yourself with toddlers who are looking for a bit of reassurance they are doing great as a mother? In other words, to ensure you dont feel like you are alone during these extraordinary time for sure.

Purchase the program

To Purchase the four weekly programs, please click the link to book your space in the group. After purchasing your space, there will be an email sent to you with the Zoom link with all the details of the groups etc. you will be forwarded the zoom link details of the program.

The group will run for four weeks. There will be two groups you can attend on a Tuesday & Friday. Both will be at  2 pm and will run for an hour. The choice will be yours as to how often you wish to attend the Support Group for Sleep. It is completely up to you. You can attend all eight or just the one. There will be no pressure to have to attend. It will be at your pace on your terms. 🙂

Each group starts at the beginning of the month. There are limited spaces to 10 per groups. Allowing you to be aware the group won’t be crowded. To ensure everyone a turn to speak and chat about the topic they wish.

Other payment options

There is the option to pay weekly for a higher price if you dont wish to commit to the monthly cost. The weekly price will be £5 per week making the total price £40. Please email me allow a payment schedule invoice which you will be able to pay weekly in time for the following weeks’ groups calls.

If you are still unsure this Support Group for Sleep is right for you, and I offer a free 15 min introductory call with myself. I can chat with you about the group and how it would be a benefit to your child sleep.

I also offer other age groups 0 – 4 months. 5 – 6 months, 7 – 12 months & 12 – 18months. 

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