Sleepover Package | 5PM – 6AM

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With the Sleepover Package, I will guide you through your bedtime routine for 13 hours from 5PM – 6AM.

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The Sleepover help package is a virtual in-home, real-time private individual holistic consultation.
Sleepover Sleep Help Packages. All are taking place on night one of the sleep programs for the whole evening. I join as part of the pre-bedtime routine, guiding you through the routine bedtime step by step. Providing you with the private and individual coaching package for your own child’s sleep issues.
I will be there virtually to help coach you for the entire evening. From 5 pm until 6 am the next morning. By being with you for the whole night evening. It allows you the help you need to ask about all things sleep once your little one is sleeping. To enable you to go to your bed for your much-needed rest while I hold the baby monitor. The session will last for thirteen hours – from 5 pm to 6 am the next morning.

This service works well with the following programs. Infant, toddler, child, and my family package.

PLEASE NOTE AT THIS TIME DUE TO COVID_19. – The midnight sleep help packages are available via remote video link due to social distancing laws & requirements. I am still able to over this service of individual private sleep packages for your child’s sleep issues via video link showing the room and how you are dealing with the child—allowing me to make those same suggestions and support you as though I was in the place with you.


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