Nomination – UK Enterprise Award 2020.

It is with great pride, I am able to share in my company for the nomination UK Enterprise Award 2020. It is a great honour to have been nominated for this award.

The service I provide to clients who need help with their sleep is a privilege. I thank every single one of my clients past and future. I never take for granted the opportunity to work alongside you and your family. It is by supporting people when they are at a low point is very important to me. Enabling me to be considered for this nomination UK Enterprise Award 2020. I hope by this article I can make people more aware of sleep issues. People need to know that having an issue with sleep is much more common than you know. Certainly, our stiff upper lip British attitude would care to admit.

Why is sleep so important

Sleep is fundamental to our existence as a living breathing human being. Second only to breathing. If we do not get the sleep our body needs we simply can not function. It is essential to our nervous system which keeps us fit and healthy. Many illnesses nowadays can be helped by improving your sleep. Or can at least help assist in recovery and wellness.

What to do if you sleep is in need of some help. Simply – reach out to me.

In order to introduce ourselves, further. I would like to extend you the free offer of an initial  15 min introductory call. During this call, we will have a discovery chat about your current sleep concerns. It will allow us both to find out more about each other. What help you need with your or your child’s sleep. It also allows an important opportunity for me to explain briefly how I work. Touching upon the various programs I offer. Those being either sleep sense program or, (if more appropriate) a holistic sleep program. This will be reflective of your wishes and my best advice. Ensuring I create the program that will work best for you as the individual you are. One size does not fit all in my opinion – so let me create that tailor-made program just for you.