My Philosophy

Cyprus holistic Sleep Consultant

A look into my sleep philosophy and why I became
a Sleep Sense ™ Consultant

My Philosophy

I believe in The Sleep Sense™ Program and holistic sleep because I believe too and feel strongly that healthy sleep habits make for healthy children. A child who is well-rested is curious, energetic, happy, playful, and eager to learn. The program is about improving your child’s sleep rather than preaching a particular sleep philosophy. When parents entrust me as their child’s “sleep guide,” they are placing a great deal of trust in me, and I want to let you know that I take this responsibility very seriously. While most books and programs dealing with child sleep problems take philosophical stands (based largely around the issue of “crying it out”), I believe that your child’s sleep is more important than my personal views on the subject. That’s why I will place a lot of emphasis on accommodating different parenting styles within The Sleep Sense™  and Holistic Sleep Programs.


As a small child growing up to a teenager, I was that little girl whom you see playing Mum and being Mum to everyone I met…. regardless if they wanted it or not. In fact, my siblings referred to me as Mummy Junior when I was an adolesant..a title I have to say I wore with great pride and honour.

For me, being told I was a good as my Mum as guardian/caring was the ultimate compliment. Much to the disgust of my siblings who hoped I’d hate it and stop. The truth be known, the opposite was true, it made me stronger in the belief of my caring and nurturing side of my nature.

Always Loving the Little Ones

So throughout my childhood wherever there was a baby or small child, I’d be there peaking in the pram or sitting next to the highchair playing peekaboo making them smile, then ultimately laughing..nothing better than a giggle from a little one. I just loved everything about children, spending my free time babysitting for neighbours and playing mum whenever I could. For me, there was nothing more wonderful than these little bundles I would dote over.

My love for children made me start my own family at the age of 22. The first of three daughters, Lauren, was born. Well, as joyous as this was, it was also when all my idealistic thoughts of how wonderful having my own child would be were crushed by the reality. I can remember thinking constantly to myself, “How could this a little bundle that I had such unconditional love for turn my whole life upside down?!” Worst still was the fact that she would not sleep on her own. Now, almost 22 years later I can still feel the pain I went through at the time like it was yesterday, as it never leaves you.

Frustrated, Tired, and Confused

At this time, I found myself going from a joyous, clever, emotionally stable, very together woman who slept every night for about 10 hours without any issues to a tearful, exhausted, broken women who never slept for more than 2-3 hours at a time. At the time I was advised by the health professionals I would over the next few weeks catch up on my sleep and it would be all OK in the end…this was the first lie I was told by them.

At this point I was desperate for sleep, I went to my health provider for help, and she told me just let her “to cry it out.” Well, I didn’t manage that one.

After 1 hour, I had to give up, it was the longest period of time in my life ever.

This photo here shows me with my little girl Lauren at 4 weeks old.

The dark eyes only got worse over time too I can assure you…

I was completely exhausted, bewildered and so much in love with this little bundle, I didn’t know what to do for the best.

My daily life became a constant plea for sleep, any chance I could get a cat nap I was there…DVD and TV become my new best friend. Once Lauren become old enough at about 6 months, you find me every afternoon trying to sleep on the sofa with her cuddled into me for 90 mins watching some film which allowed me to try and regain at least some of my sleep. Life was so hard. Why was my life not like the films and shows with all those mothers who look like models with their perfect hair, make-up, so together and their sleeping babies…and here’s me the walking zombie.

Baby #2 Arrived… I Was So Tired…

It was upon the arrival of my second daughter Megan, with only 18 months of an age gap, my struggle with the isolation of being a stay at home mum coping with the daily demand of my young family, running the home and working part-time from home really hit me. Co-sleeping with them was the only way I could get any sort of sleep, even though the quality was nowhere near good enough. All I knew, was it felt better at the time than where I had been, so, I struggled on with it. It was shortly after this I was finally diagnosed with postnatal depression. It was then I knew that all this lack of sleep was seriously affecting my health and my daughters too. I truly believed life couldn’t be any harder. Megan appeared to be a brilliant sleeper compared to her sister Lauren. She would sleep through most of the night and her naps were great. Once she was asleep she would stay asleep. Getting her to sleep was another matter. Nightly crying was only how she would finally manage to get to sleep but it was heartbreaking for me.

It was as the girls got older, the more I realised that all the advice I had been given about them outgrowing all of this was simply NOT true..their sleeping did become better but never solid, especially for my eldest daughter Lauren who still struggled with this until she was 22 when I finally manage to help her by creating her an adult sleep program which taught her the skills of sleep and now she is getting her needed 8 hours of sleep each night.

Baby #3 Arrived… and I Was Still Tired…

So when my third daughter, Annabel was born I promised myself I wouldn’t allow the same issues to occur as I had with my older children. Mostly due to the fact I was supposed to be older and wiser now, I was in my early 30s. Well, all good plan as they say..over the first few months my striving to get it right was taken by the lack of sleep and the same let them “cry it out” advise you know that it is going to be impossible to do..crying no matter how older or wiser you are supposed to be is incredibly hard to listen too.

So, at 9 months old, our happy household had disappeared and the lack of sleep was affecting everyone. It was when my working from home husband, my daughter’s schooling and studying for exams, myself running the house and running an Interior design business all started suffering it all became too much.

Hope and Answers! Finally!

Totally exhausted by the night after night of disturbed sleep I decided I would try and find another method to change the situation. It was then I found the Sleep Sense Program and our life changed. I followed the program, by night 3 she was sleeping through independently. Her naps were greatly improved, and they were getting better and longer day by day. Our household became a happy place once again and I have never looked back. I followed the program with my son Nathan who was born 16mths later. Now both my younger children are great independent sleepers.

Your Holistic Sleep Consultant in Cyprus

Because of my own experiences, I now want to help you and your babies get the rest you need. I have been down the long road you are traveling, so I understand. As a holistic sleep consulting expert in Cyprus and around the world, I have learned so much, and I continue to broaden my knowledge of sleep techniques for both children and adults. Please contact me so I can help you learn how to help your newborn or baby sleep better. Also feel free to check out my free resources here.