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Videos for you to watch and share to learn more about me and my services

Newborn Sleep –
What to Expect & What is Normal For Them

Newborn Help: Newborn Package and Extas  

Can I Use the Adult Self Help
Guide While on Sleeping Pills? 

Product mentioned: Adult Sleep Guide
Who and What is Lisa Gargaro Sleep Co. About? 
Learn more here: About Me
What is the Antenatal Newborn Sleep Guide?
Product mentioned: Antenatal Sleep Guide
What is Holistic Sleep Training?
Learn more here: My Philosophy
Why Should I Be Sleeping By 10PM?
Adult Sleep Help: Adult Package and Self-Help Guide

Sleep teaching v’s sleep training – why I teach not train


Your In my videos, posted above I discuss some of the topics which are asked during my 15 min call with most prospective clients. So I decided to create a video and audio library of various questions. It also give you a chance to get to know we a bit better and understand my thinking in regards the thoughts, methods and beliefs behind the programs I create for clients. Sleep is something I am very passionate about so hopefully this will come across in the videos.

If you have any questions you feel you would like answered then you can also send me a email or book a call with me and we can discuss this further.