Lisa Gargaro Sleep Co – Locations

List of locations Lisa Gargaro Sleep works in.

Lisa Gargaro Sleep Co is a virtual sleep clinic. Lisa offers 1-2-1 consultations via video calls. Meaning the location can be anywhere as this allows us both to connect easily and within various timeslots that Lisa Gargaro runs her clinic times.

Lisa Gargaro offers In-person at-home consultations. Certain requirements and additional charges being applied. Some areas I can arrange this in Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Perth, Dundee, and London. I can also consider other places depending on your location – so to find out more please do contact me and we can discuss these further.

What do we need to have to get started?

There are only 2 requirements to enable me to work with you on your sleep. The first one is to speak English. The second being, you will need is some form of electronic device which can facilitate either WhatsApp or Zoom to allow us to carry out the consultations via video. I am able to offer these via a telephone call if you would prefer this method also.

The programs I create can be for anyone. I offer adult, child, toddler, infant, newborn and family sleep packages. With my specialisation being in infant sleep. I also am able to offer as part of the children, toddler, infant new & family sleep programs. Along with the opportunity to purchase extra support via my additional extra packages. Meaning that I will be there with you (virtually) via a WhatsApp call at the most important time of the program – during bedtime. I offer these for a variety of times. A bedtime package -5-9 pm. A midnight package 5-12 am. A sleepover package 5pm – 6 am.

Below is a link – to some previous client’s testimonials. Showing you what selection of my past clients thinks of me. In their own words, ho have worked with me feel about my program and I service I provided to them.