Your sleep now and any effect on it during the Covid-19 pandemic

As we all know, life has been extremely different the last few months. With us living through an extraordinary time. With the NHS, carers and keyworkers all having continued to work through it all incredibly hard to keep us alive and fed.

There are several of us out there who have now found their income has stopped. We were all struggling with being housebound. And we are all facing a very uncertain future. The combination of factors between the uncertainty and worry it created. Has been extremely difficult.

So, are you getting enough sleep? Do you feel well-rested or you feel groggy and sluggish? Do you focus clearly & complete all your daily tasks well? Not sure – take this test to see how your sleep is.

The quiz then will give you a score result about YOU. Your answers and then, more importantly, tell you the truth about how you are sleeping. How well are you genuinely sleeping? Then should you find out you are not doing as well as you thought, I can give then advice what you can to improve it and make positive changes starting today.

Remember too, that I offer a free 15-minute introductory telephone consultation and can give hints and tips that may ease your symptoms on this call. While I also offer a sleep program tailor to you and your answers for your results if needed.

So have 2 minutes to spare to get those answers you need…great ?…let’s get started now…Let’s begin the sleep quiz