Larnaca Sleep Consultant

arAs the owner of Lisa Gargaro Sleep Co., I bring the knowledge and experience to help your entire family get sleeping again. Why? Because I have experienced first-hand the frustration of a baby, who did not sleep through the night. As a mother of 3 who was trying to run not only the household but an interior design business, my working from home husband and I were at our wit’s end. Determined to find answers, I found the Sleep Sense Program and our lives were forever changed. When our 4th child arrived, I was equipped with the tools needed to let him be an independent sleeper.

By having a greater understanding of how babies should be sleeping and how parents need guidance, I started my own sleep consulting business, Lisa Gargaro Sleep Co., and the rest is history. After helping babies and their tired dads and moms finally achieve the sleep they need, I have undoubtedly found my life’s calling. While growing up my siblings nicknamed me Mummy Junior, which I accepted with great pride. My caring and nurturing side has evolved into my greatest passion which involves supporting families and helping them get their lives back on track. With my training and years of experience, we can succeed together.

Paediatric Sleep Consultation (Newborn- 16 Years)

Having a child that does not sleep consumes your family life. Tasks which are usually a simple part of the day, suddenly seem impossible. Teaching your child how to sleep through the night begins as a newborn. Although with a new baby at home you probably are not going to get your eight hours of uninterrupted sleep, learning how newborn sleep patterns develop is helpful.

As a child begins to get past the newborn stage, they should be sleeping more consistently. When bad habits were learned in those early months, new habits must be learned. There are even more challenges as your infant graduates to the toddler stage. Your “sweet baby” has a mind of their own and want to do things their own way! This is where I come in the picture! I am here for you on you and your child’s learning journey all the way until their teenage years. I will help you learn where to start and the best way to accomplish the goal of great sleep. Enjoying time with your spouse and even alone time in the evenings can become a reality again.

Adult Sleep Consultation

In the fast, frenzied world we live in, insomnia rules many lives. The skills you need for sleeping almost seem impossible. Receiving proper sleep is important to your health and your physical and mental well-being. The good news is, I can help! I will provide you with a customized sleep plan, and also be there through the weeks ahead, guiding and assisting you with support. By completing a comprehensive online questionnaire about sleep patterns, keeping a food and drink journal, and keeping track of work and daily life routines prior to our virtual meeting, I will have a preliminary assessment of your sleep habits. We will discuss sleep strategies, learn how to deal with specific issues you may have, and troubleshoot possible problems. The training I have received in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) will allow me to address your specific sleep needs. It is time to focus on you and learn how to get a good night’s rest.

Family Sleep Consultation

I am here to help guide your family back to healthy sleeping. Sometimes when one family member gets “off” of good sleeping patterns, it causes havoc in the rest of the family. When consulting with me, you will receive a customized family sleep plan. I will be close by to assist you through the weeks ahead and supporting your entire family. I will address naptime, bedtime, night waking, and any other issue you may be dealing with. You will receive 4 weeks of follow-up emails to be sure you are having success with your family’s personalized sleep plan.

Sleep Consultation in Larnaca

Do the nights seem unending with a crying baby? Are you exhausted and not sure where to turn? I understand because I have been there, and I am here to help you now! I have very reasonably priced plans and will guide and support you through this journey. You do not have to spend another sleepless night—contact me and you will receive a 15-minute introductory call. As a trained and certified Sleep Sense and Holistic Sleep Consulting Expert in Larnaca, I can help!