Insomnia…let me speak to you about this trending topic.

Most of us have likely experienced insomnia in our lives at the same time or another. There are few things more dreadful than when we are experiencing the inability to sleep—heightening the very reasons. It is bodily, then becoming stress-related worse. And utterly unexplained. It is only then that you will truly appreciate the worth of the phrase sleeping like a baby. By this point, you start to see the typical daily task slip gradually more and more often. You then decide now is a good time to head to your bed due to your tired body melting, so you turn into your bed.

Only to find your eyes remain wild and most stubbornly open. For some people, insomnia is, fortunately, a one-time occurrence. However, what if being seen more and more for many others is that it is becoming a chronic problem. Severely impacting lives. What and why is sleep so necessary then? What is all the hype about not getting enough of it?

Let’s discuss why sleep is essential to our bodies.

During sleep and only sleep does our body can recharge and renew ourselves both emotionally and physically. Therefore, when we find ourselves unable to sleep, what is then actually occurring is the essential and vital opportunity for our body to regenerate itself< Meaning that our bodies have repaired and recharged itself ready for the next day. If, however, we find ourselves unable to and therefore can’t sleep. Your body becomes robbed of the precious opportunity for regeneration. Then when the brand-new day arrives, and we awaken after the little or no sleep we have had. What we find is that we are tired, cranky, and irritable, which means we are not ready and able to face the days’ challenges. If this goes on for a certain amount of time, the insomniacs function, health, and social relationships are all affected as it has taken all it can endure.

So, the most common way to help those who have insomnia is to be prescribed medication. I feel that the full side effects of this medication are not widely known and overlooked as a more convenient means to give relief to the insomniac.

So, I ask those taking them to find themselves taking these is the habit of taking sleep pills every night or just some? Are you under the impression that by you taking these, you will be okay? If the answer is yes, I then I wish to ask if those taking these hypnotic or soporific drugs are fully aware of the most common and unheard-of side effects of the sleeping pills.

Habit-forming resistance –

after the initial effects and benefits of using these pills for prolonged periods of use, the body builds up resilience to their effectiveness. Due to this, the dosage of the medicine has to then again increase in dosage. They are leading to a higher risk of overdose, which in turn can be fatal.

Erratic behaviour – parasomnia can be caused, but some types of sleeping pill. When a state of semi-consciousness occurs in patients, they found to do a lot of things while in a sleeping state with no recollection of this when they wake. The brand Ambien, a hypnotic, has a report of patients having engaged in driving, making phone calls, gorging on food/candy, or even having sex.

Addictive –

when prescribed for a short amount of time, generally and ideally for no longer than a week, they are worth considering. However, these present a mortal danger when taken in the long term, meaning when used over three months, it becomes challenging to let go of these, and withdrawal symptoms start appearing. The addiction needs to wean off very slowly.

Sadly, we then discover that the very thing currently used to help with sleeping problems usually worsens the sleeping problems in the long run.

There is a definite link to the increased risk of death and cancer. Even if the pills do not get taken often, the increases in your risk of dying are much more significant. It has had suggestions made that when patients have developed their insomnia by having depression, it would be best for doctors to treat this disorder, rather than looking at insomnia and prescribing pills for this.

Sleeping pills also make you more prone to developing cancer over time.

The higher the risk of developing memory loss. The prolonged use of sleeping pills is proven to make the patient more susceptible to memory loss. In a recent study, it had found that older people are prescribed sleeping pills during life become more prone to develop Alzheimer’s disease.

Increased risks

Increased risks of acid reflux. When a patient develops or has heartburn, you might wish to think twice about taking sleeping pills for your insomnia. These pills have been proven to increases your risk of acid reflux at night. They are damaging the cells lining the oesophagus. Avoiding foods that trigger reflux and avoid eating late at night is better. It is also possible to eat sleep-inducing food items, meditation techniques, and yoga postures to induce sleep.


Drowsiness, this is obvious; therefore, it knew that by taking sleeping pills, the increased chance of you feeling tired and exhausted the next day. This is due to sleeping pills being powerful hypnotics with it having lasting effects till the next day, making you prone to exhaustion.

Aromatherapy is an excellent alternative method for hypnotics.

However, sometimes taking sleeping pills may become necessary. There can be a time in your life when it may be required to have these when you have suffered from trauma or death of a loved one when sleeping is just not possible due to unforeseen circumstances. To help sedate patients that are needing a break after a surgery or even traumatic experience. They will only be a temporary remedy for your chronic insomnia. As time passes, what will happen is they will find themselves wanting higher and higher doses to receive sleep.

It is due to this that I believed in a holistic strategy.

It will solve the issue by visiting its root cause and consciously engage the individual in finding a remedy. With time, the insomniac will have the ability to assist himself if the issue recurs, instead of depending on medication to perform their magic and can sleep once again self-sufficiently.

As a holistic health professional, I will assist the insomniac by searching for the origin of their ability to manoeuvre this. We find that the disorder causes it. This might need to be dealt with by a conventional physician in combination with the holistic physician and therapist. If we find this to be stress-related, then with CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy). An individual can learn a way to mitigate the effects of anxiety by merely undergoing any lifestyle modifications.

Just by changing the way that he perceives the items which are causing the stress.

It is with all the above in mind that I have created a genuinely personalize sleep plan. Since not one sleep concern is the same, it becomes essential that we treat everyone individually. Sleep it very personal. To a lot of people, it is very private. Most don’t find it easy to speak openly about their sleep problems. Although we are slowly understanding it and would almost go as far as saying its deemed as typical, it is, however, is not supposed to be healthy. Common does not make it “normal”.

We need to remember this is a big difference.

We normalize things that should not be. The good news is that with my holistic and open-minded sleep programs. I can genuinely look at your life and help you fix your sleep. Not with magic potions and concoctions but in a more straightforward, cleaner way to allow you to be able to manage the changes needed. We are continuing with them after we have started the four-week program.

So let’s start today with a new way to look at sleep and find the answer to your current sleep problems. Let have you of those sleeping medication as soon as possible and enjoyable natural sound sleep in replace of the medicated drowsy one you are currently experiencing or considering.