Edinburgh UK Sleep Consultant

Does sleeping through the night seem like an unreachable objective? As founder and owner of Lisa Gargaro Sleep Co. I offer experience and knowledge to help you and your family members get proper sleep once again. I have experienced the frustration and helplessness of a baby who did not sleep through the night. 

Desperate and determined to get help, I came across the Sleep Sense Program and later the Holistic Sleep Coach program. These changed our lives were changed forever! My passion is to help other parents going through the same scenario. With my understanding of how babies should be sleeping and how parents need guidance, I will help support your family and help you get your life back on track

Antenatal Sleep Consulting

As a mum-to-be, you are showered with the many options and opinions about birth, feeding, doctors, and more. Although support is vital in these areas, there is a lack of information about your newborn’s sleep patterns. This is one area that has a more significant impact on your everyday life than anything else. Even knowing what to expect will be necessary and helpful for your entire family. I have the experience and training to help you understand your baby’s sleep habits and can help you and your family be confident in your response to baby’s demands.

Paediatric Sleep Consultation
(Newborn-16 Years)

Your family life can be consumed when having a child that does not sleep. Simple tasks that you usually do every day suddenly seem almost impossible. Beginning as a newborn, a child can be taught how to sleep throughout the night. With a new baby at home it is probable you will not get your usual eight hours of uninterrupted sleep but being aware of newborn sleep patterns is most helpful.

As your child grows, new sleep patterns will develop, and new habits will have to be taught. As they transitions to the toddler stage, new challenges arise. Now your little one wants to do things their own way. I will be here through your sleep journey, all the way into the teenage years. I will help you know where to begin and the best way to accomplish the goal of a good night’s rest. Spending a quality evening with your spouse will be a reality once again.

Adult Sleep Consultation

Insomnia is the name of the game in this fast, furious society we are a part of today. The skills you need to get a proper night’s sleep seems next to impossible. Quality sleep is one of the most critical aspects of good health and your physical and mental well-being. You may think it is hopeless, but I am here to help!

I will give you a customized sleep plan, and he there with you through the weeks ahead, assisting and guiding you with support. After completing a comprehensive online questionnaire about your sleep patterns, filling out a food and drink journal, and tracking work and daily life routines, we will have a virtual meeting. Having been equipped with the preliminary assessment of your sleep habits. During consultation, we will talk through sleep strategies, troubleshoot possible issues, and learn how to deal with specific problems you are experiencing. The training I have in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) will help me address your specific sleep needs. Allowing the time to focus on you and learn how to get a good night’s rest is now. You deserve it!

Family Sleep Consultation

I am here for your family and to help them get back to healthy sleeping. When one family member struggles with good sleep habits, it can cause havoc on the rest of the family unit. Call me to receive a customized family sleep plan. I will walk with you through the weeks and support your entire family. We will address issues such as bedtime, naptime, night waking, and other issues you are dealing with. By receiving four weeks of follow-up emails, you are guaranteed success with your family’s personalized sleep plan.

Sleep Consultation in Edinburgh, UK 

Are your nights seeming unending due to a crying baby? Are you absolutely exhausted and don’t have a place to turn? I am here to help because I have been in your exact situation. The reasonably priced plans I offer will guide and support you through your family’s sleep journey. You do not have to endure another sleepless night—contact me for a 15-minute introductory call. I am a trained and certified Sense and Holistic Sleep Consulting Expert in Edinburgh, UK and I can help!