Day & Night Confusion: Part 2

Confusion with when to sleep is a prevalent “situation” parents of newborn babies find themselves in. Many folklore belief is this done by ensuring your baby sleeps in the light during the day. The meaning behind it is so they learn to differentiate much easier between daytime from the night.

However, it is not as simple as that. A newborn younger than eight weeks old will not have much difference in their ability to sleep, whether night or day. They can’t regulate either their naps or nighttime sleep.

What is it that causes this day/night confusion then?

It is an imbalance in the baby’s very immature circadian rhythm. Meaning that their natural body clock has not yet set itself—explaining why your baby will happily sleep for those longer stretches during the day, then being awake much more regularly and for more extended periods during the night.

Therefore, we wish to reverse this pattern. So both you and your baby can sleep for those long stretches at night. Meaning that baby does not miss out on any feeds during the day.

The best way is to help your baby by regulating their nap hours. By only having more control over how long they nap during the day will help immensely. Encouraging consolidation in their nighttime sleep enables them to learn the difference between their days and nights much quicker.

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