Sleep Consultant

Do you or any member of your family have trouble sleeping all through the night? Do you wish you had answers to why you are not sleeping? As the founder and owner of Lisa Gargaro Sleep Co. I have the knowledge and experience to help you!

As a mother of four children, I have had the first-hand experience with the difficulties of a baby who could not sleep through the night. My husband and I felt at the end of the rope when we learned the Sleep Sense method. Once again, our household became a happy environment, and I never looked back. Now with a greater understanding of how babies should sleep and how parents just need the guidance to teach them, I began my own sleep consulting business, Lisa Gargaro Sleep Co. I realized early on that I had found my life’s calling. Supporting families and helping them get their lives back in order has become my greatest passion. I view each client and their sleep issues as a very serious responsibility.

Antenatal Sleep Consulting

As a mum-to-be, you are inundated with information about the various options you have concerning birth, doctors, feeding, etc. Support in these areas are vital, and you will continue to need advice long after your baby is born. However, I have noticed the lack of information new parents receive about their newborn’s sleep patterns. This one aspect of being a new parent will have a very large impact on your everyday life for some time to come. Just knowing what to expect will be necessary for your entire family. I can help you with understanding your newborn’s sleep habits and helping you and your family be confident in your response to their demands.

Paediatric Sleep Consulting (Ages 0-16)

Nothing disrupts your family life patterns like having a child that does not sleep through the night. Simple, everyday tasks begin to feel hardly possible. Just like talking and walking, sleeping is an ability that has to be taught. Teaching your baby how to sleep through the night starts as a newborn. Understanding the best place to begin and how to go about it is why I am here! Patience is key! You will probably not enjoy your eight hours of uninterrupted sleep that you are used to, but just learning your baby’s sleep patterns will be advantageous. As your baby grows, new sleep habits will have to be learned. The toddler stage brings other challenges like new independence. I am available to help you and your child on their sleep journey all the way into the teenage years. I will teach you where to begin and the way to achieve restful sleep. Spending quality time in the evenings with your spouse can actually happen again!

Adult Sleep Consulting

Experiencing sleeping difficulties are not only related to newborns and children. Stressful jobs, our fast-paced society, financial troubles, all play a role in our sleep patterns. Insomnia is an unfortunate issue in many adults today. One crucial aspect of physical and mental well-being and good health is receiving the proper amount of sleep. Now for the good news! I can help you begin sleeping again. Working with me will provide you with a personalized sleep plan, guiding and supporting you along the way, and me being there for you in the weeks to come. Before our first virtual meeting, you will take an extensive online questionnaire concerning your sleep patterns, and you will track work and everyday routines, and fill out a daily food and drink calendar. The information you provide will help me to have a preliminary outlook on your sleep habits. We will then discuss sleep strategies, teach you how to deal with specific personal issues, and troubleshoot possible problems. No matter the reason you have picked up bad sleep habits, there is help for you today! Focus on yourself and learn how to get a proper night’s rest.

Family Sleep Consulting

It seems if one member of the family has bad sleep patterns, it affects everyone. I am here to help your family get back to healthy sleeping. When you consult with me, you will be given a family sleep plan custom-made for your family. I will stay close to assist you through the weeks ahead and support you and your family. In the online meetings, I will address bedtime, night waking, naptime, and any other issue your family may be experiencing. I will also provide four weeks of follow-up emails along with weekly 30 minute calls to ensure you are undergoing success as a family with your personalized sleep plan.

Sleep Consulting Expert in UK

When is the last time you had a good night’s sleep? Are you exhausted, have no energy, and not sure who to go to for help? Have you read every book you can on sleeping? I have been right where you are! Lisa Gargaro Sleep Co. will help you and your baby sleep better and learn healthy sleep patterns that will follow them for a lifetime. You do not have to endure another night of no sleep! Contact me to receive a 15-minute introductory call. As a Holistic Sleep Consultant in the UK, I am ready to help!