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Below are some of the testimonials from the families that Lisa Gargaro from Sleep Co has helped over the years.

Please don’t just take her word for it. Read for yourself what they have to say. What the changes have meant to their family.

Did it work for their family. Sleep – how does it look in your family now. Would you recommend Lisa Gargaro to work with your family.

There is a link to the live Facebook review on Lisa Gargaro Sleep Co facebook page from clients who have been happy to share their personal experiences. 


Thank you isn’t enough to express our gratitude for what you have taught us and our daughter.

I was skeptical, to begin with and thought what could you possibly tell us that a book couldn’t but it’s the personalization and the one to one support you offered us that makes it different and it’s worked!

She now sleeps a solid 12 hours a night and has good quality naps during the day independently.

To all the dads out there that are in two minds, if there’s anything I’ve learnt from this experience it is that Lisa knows what she’s talking about and if she can help us I have no doubt she can do the same for you and your family!

Thank you, Lisa, once again, me and my family will forever be grateful.


Again with the holidays etc, I’ve been able to pull it back and get into helping us all and although we’ve fallen back into some old habits now and thank you again for all your help, I have found the whole programme has really helped me. I’ve learnt a lot about the girls and myself! You helped make sense of things that weeks of back and forth to the doctors didn’t! We’ve just had a successful impromptu sleepover at granny’s and she did really well bit apprehensive but is keen to try Nannys next, Amber loved it too! Hoping to try dinner out with Scott on Saturday as it’s our anniversary next week.

Thanks again, I will definitely be passing on recommendations to friends and

Moyra, Mother of Madison & Amber

Thank to Lisa and all her help, support and advise we have managed to get my 16 month old daughter sleeping 11 hours from only sleeping 4-5 at a time and many nights screaming all night! She has been a life saver for us as a family and always happy to help in anyway she can! It’s a fantastic service and with some hard work we are all finally getting some well derserved sleep! I will defiantly be recommending her to people and will 100% use her again in needed! Thanks Lisa
The Hill Family

Many thanks to Lisa. I know my wife appreciated your constant support and we couldn’t have done it without your help and of course the plan.
Luke B.

We really appreciate your patience and professionalism, we understand that your part is now done and we need to move forward with the values and guidelines you gave us.

We are going to contact you again if needed..

We cannot thank u enough for all your help! you did not just helped us with the sleeping issue but also with Markos behavior and our role as his parents!!!

Alexia & Costas

My experience with Lisa was positive, she helped me to sleep better and that had a good impact on my quality of life.
Sabrina Nicolo, Italian, now living in Edinburgh.

My Thoughts: Lisa has been a great help to my family. She always called on time and was straight to the point which helped me when I doubted myself.

Thank you so much .. I have a well-rested baby!

Thanks again Lisa xx

Priscilla, Mother of Ava

Asking Lisa for help has been the best decision we have made and couldn’t have done it without her guidance and support.

Thanks again Lisa, I really can’t explain how much this has helped us x

Frances G.

Amazing! Honestly, I can’t thank Lisa enough!

Within 3/4 nights she got my almost three-year-old daughter sleeping through the night – and as she’s always been a poor sleeper this is no mean feat! Thank you!!!

Sarah, Mother of Jessica

Amazing! Honestly, I can’t thank Lisa enough!

Within 3/4 nights she got my almost three-year-old daughter sleeping through the night – and as she’s always been a poor sleeper this is no mean feat! Thank you!!!

Sarah, Mother of Jessica

Hi Lisa,

NO NEED TO REPLY TO THIS ! but just wanted to give you an update

Night 1 – we stayed in the bedroom, (cried for about 20 minutes, went to sssh and pat her twice). 

Night 2 – we slept in living room, Hannah grizzled slightly around the usual times but didn’t cry and slept pretty much 11 hours straight.

Night 3 – See night 2!

So I think we’re on the right way, so happy!

Thanks for your encouragement and practical tips,

I have already recommended you to two other people 🙂

Mareike Mother of 11.5 month old Hannah

You are bloody amazing! We did exactly what you said and she went to sleep right away without me I sat with her for 5 mins or so then left and no tears at all, then she slept all night and just woke up! THANKYOUUUU!!!! Hopefully, I haven’t jinxed it and it wasn’t just luck!! ?

Neha Patel, mother of Maya aged 23 months

Working with Lisa has been amazing. She was thorough, empathic & knowledgeable. 

Definitely recommend 

Sue Pride. Adult sleep program

Hi Lisa,

I just wanted to give you an update on Theo’s sleep.
We only had one wake up last night at 4 am and I didn’t even need to go in the room!!
It took him about half an hour but only cried for 2/3 minutes at a time so I didn’t go in.
We can’t thank you enough….it’s the most sleep I’ve had since he was born!!!!
This update was after night 3 of their infant program. 😀
Jude, mother of Theo aged 8 months

Lisa Gargaro Sleep Co adult sleep program has been very good. For the first time in my life, I feel I have a path for my sleep I can follow & will succeed with. The adult sleep program has provided me with both the tools and clarity to go on and succeed with my long term issues in both my sleep and other issues that others have not been able to help me with before. For this, I am very grateful. Thank you. 

Georgi Markov

Aged 23.

Student, Glasgow

Review on my Sportsperson Program Consultation Call

During our call, I received tips and advice that was easy to implement into my busy schedule. I have had some issues getting up during the night and Lisa has helped me find some solutions to help. Being a professional athlete, it’s really important for me to get a full nights sleep in order to recover properly.’

Best regards,


The Scottish Championship Footballer…

Robbie Thomson

A miracle happened tonight at bedtime and its only night 3!

He fell asleep in his crib with zero tears!

We followed your GOLDEN advice when he wants to sleep. That’s a game changer-we followed that today during napping and now for bed time and I think this is the first time we actually got the time right!

So thank you for that.

Nina, mother of 4.5 month old Hendri

Night 3 – We hit a milestone yesterday – after following your advice at bedtime.

He decided not to protest when putting him down the second time and 20 mins later had put himself to sleep, no crying involved ?.

Lewis, Mother of 12 week old Arran

I would say it was a breakthrough because this is the first time when we didn’t let her touch us to help her fall asleep.
Hopefully today will be better.
She was very excited in the morning because we made it a very big deal on how well she did yesterday.
Thank you for your help.
I will keep you posted.
Meghna Dalmia mother of 3.5 yr old Eva

A update Lisa.. I’ve been sleeping like a baby, best I have slept in years. Thanks for all your help. Definitely recommend!”
Fergus Scott, Aged 35. Adult sleep program

Lisa helped us out when our child was experiencing challenges with waking up early. Lisa was incredibly pragmatic in her advice & really supported our school-aged child to understand the drivers plus what they could do to positively influence sleep themselves. Her approach really suited our child, her recommended resources worked well & we appreciated her follow up. Thank you Lisa!
Victoria Rennoldson

Mother of 9 yr old son Oliver

You’ve been BRILLIANT. laughing I’m happy and confident to start your sleep program with the twins now.

Thank you so much.


Kelly Johnston mother of 14month old twins