Child Sleep Packages

   Holistic Child Sleep Help Using No- Cry Gentle Methods 

 When your child is not sleeping, it starts to consume your family life. Doing simple daily tasks feels impossible. The skill of sleep is something that has to be taught to your child, the same as walking and talking. These are learning journeys we have to take your child on and sleep is the same. It is about knowing where to start and how best to do this, which is where I come in.

As a paediatric sleep consultant who works with clients via video or telephone consultations, allowing you to always feel comfortable and easy during our time together. The programs main focus is on a personalised program which allows me to help you every step of the way over weeks ahead while encouraging and support you throughout this time ensuring success. I also use the latest advice and guidelines from The Lullaby Trust in connections with the safest methods of sleep teaching your child and their recommendations to ensure your little is as safe as they can be. By doing this is allows us to troubleshoot any issues which might occur during those tough times.

Together we work through the program that I create from you that is personal to your child and family. We throughout the whole program work together ensuring success. It would not be good for business, as they say, if I do not have those positive results for those families I work with. The goal for them is to be achieving sleep by the end of the program. All this within a real timescale which is reflective of the gentle no-cry style of sleep teaching method I had chosen was best for you and your family situation. In the various style of training I have undertaken I have the option of fifteen different sleep teaching methods which vary depending on the age of the child and the style of parenting you use within your family. 

Paediatric Sleep Consulting in your home

I also offer child sleepover consultation packages. These sleepover packages are designed to help you when you will need it the most.

Definitely night one, possibly night two and maybe still on night three.

If you would like all the benefits of step by step program & then that extra support either at bedtime, until midnight or a sleepover. These sleepover packages are designed to help you when you will need it the most.

These additional packages come with the customised step by step holistic sleep program, with these extra available too.

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