Biological clock day

Learn about Biological Clock Day

The words ‘biological clock’ may conjure up images of various imagine to you, however what is important to know is that there is so much more to our biological clock than that last minute urge to make babies that supposedly kicks in at a certain point in a woman’s life.

Both men and women all have a biological clock. Today is about Biological Clock Day. This affects your behavior, your mood on a daily basis. It controls the sleep-wake pattern that fits in with the light and dark of a day on Earth. This is more formally known as our circadian rhythm. It monitors the level of light, the temperature and other environmental factors which influence things like alertness, our levels of energy, and drives our hunger and motivation.

It has become more noticeable that all our technology in today’s world has had an upset on the balance of our biological clock. So by celebrating Biological Clock Day, we ask you to set aside some time to re-regulate your own one; to do this you can start by creating a regular bedtime routine, minimize naps and eat regularly.