PROUD MOMENT…Lisa Gargaro Sleep Co is Best Holistic Sleep Consultant 2020 !!!!

Best Holistic Sleep Consultant Winner 2020. A fantastic moment & very proud of my achievements. To win the awards is truly honourable.

I am very passionate about my work. Working closely with both adults and families on their sleep is so important to me. Sleep is everything the first place you need to start and look at with regards your health and wellbeing.

It brings so much joy when I change the lives of those I work with. I love helping families & adults get the sleep they need & deserve. As a THANK YOU.

I’m offering 30% off a program if you quote “WINNERSTOGETHER” YOU too can be a winner at sleep. Start today and let us celebrate this together¬†

My tailored sleep programs are suitable for adults 18 years +, children aged 6 – 17 years old, toddlers 18mth – 3 years, infants 4-18mths & newborn babies 0 – 3 months.