Angelic Reiki Healing

Top 5 reasons you need Angelic Reiki & healing.

The top 5 reasons you need healing from the Angels of Energy in your life:

Our Angels are uniquely equipped to handle all types of healing. Your request for help from your Angels of Energy Healing also extends to heavenly guidance, support & love whenever you need it or anything else you feel. These wonderful, gifted & talented celestial beings are waiting to be called into action on your behalf as they stand by your side. As they watch over you, the healing you require arrives faster than you can send a text.

The top 5 reasons you need healing from the Angels of Energy in your life:

1. Angels of Energy Healing – no limits.

The Angels will heal anything. A bodily injury or sickness. Any emotional wound that may have occurred or should you be experiencing a spiritual misalignment. The Angels can help you heal. Angels are made of light energy, constantly tuned to the universal field, meaning no restrictions on what they can apply healing to.

To bring all their angelic energy into your life, all you need to do is ask! Like any spiritual guides, these angels will not interfere with your free will. Unless there is an emergency. Call upon an Angel of Energy Healing to focus on your pain through healers.

During a healing, many experience sensations of warmth or tingling sensations. It shows where the healing, or if any relevant chakra corresponds to any emotional wounds you may have experienced. White or golden colours can appear as the angel works magic on you. To gain the most out of the session, I suggest you relax while allowing the energy to restore you to optimal health.

2. Healing Angelic energy while you sleep.

While sleeping, we find ourselves more open to ideas and guidance due to our conscious mind being at rest. Meaning our soul can receive communication directly from the Angels. Healing from your angels at this point is easy and incredibly effective at dealing with any emotional healing. When old traumas or negative emotions are not released. these can become stuck in your energy field, eventually causing physical problems. Suppose you know your chakras are currently blocked or experiencing difficulties processing emotions. In that case, your Angels can perform energy healing on you to help you release those negative emotions and blockages while you sleep. It is a well-known fact; our Angels will visit you in your dreams when you ask for help!

3. Guidance on your true-life path from Angels.

Angels gain the unique perspective on your life due to their access to your life’s past, present, and future information. Due to angels existing on a higher plane, there is no restriction on the physical limitations of time and space as we know it. Angels are anywhere, anytime. Meaning can see how you have grown in your life thus far. Including the incredible life ahead of you that is still to come. This knowledge about your future and your truest heart’s desire means angels provide the most accurate and beneficial guidance, which is always worth following. I know and believe that the advice given by an angel will be on point with you.

Take a minute to think of an experience where you were offered life-changing advice? was this from an angel without genuinely understanding? Take this moment to reflect on moments in your life where shifts occurred, whether in small or large ways. A career change or a location move? A breakup or marriage? Periods of dissatisfaction or perhaps even depression? Can you recall someone appearing to you at that time, offering advice, support, or even a fresh perspective on your situation? Could this have been an angel helping steer you down the correct path? The correct path you are to travel. Angels relay messages to you in many ways. However, we can be sure that their wisdom never fails you.

4. Expanding our awareness due to communing with Angels.

Angels are higher beings that live on higher planes. Connecting with them means we have to connect via their angelic vibrations. Therefore, the higher you travel along your light path, the more you connect with them. Meaning the more internal spiritual work you do will strengthen your ability to contact and enjoy interaction with angels: any healing courses, workshops, meditations, and the processing of your emotions. As an energy and light healer, I regularly connect with the Angels of Energy Healing for guidance and support in my professional and personal work. Allow me to help you spend more time communing with your angels by being your connection, meaning you will have this support!

5. Life-changing love of the Divine via connecting with the Angels of Energy Healing.

The Divine radiates love to us from the Source itself, making it the most powerful love in the universe. As the Angels dwell on the higher planes, they can bask in the glow of God’s love all the time. Making us very fortunate that the Angles are both able and willing to carry this love down to earth. Placing it in our hearts.

The purpose of an Angel is to spread love. They do so via healing, guiding, and protecting while sharing divine love with you. Experiencing that deep soul knowing that you are loved too while being loved unconditionally. Once you’ve experienced the high angelic realms, your heart will expand. Watch as your heart fills with love and your inner light radiates kindness. Doing so enables you to become an ambassador of that love and light to others.

What is the best step now?

If you want to discover more from your own Angels please contact me direct. Your angel can heal you. I offer single session or perhaps you would consider a Angelic Reiki Package which is my 4-week healing program. To find out more click here.  With the Angels of Energy Healing, you will expand your awareness. Experience the healing energy of angels, and experience divine love. Book this or find out more via this link. Hope to see you there soon!