Sleep – how is your child sleep? Are they getting 10 – 12 hours a night of good sleep? If not, we need to speak now.

ADHD has been on the increase over the last decade with a 43% increase in the cases of diagnoses. Why is that? Has our DNA really changed that much?

Many experts are now saying the main reason there is an increase is due to the ethos of our sleep belief being a badge of honor we wear. Yes, I am standing here having had only 5 hours sleep – in the manner we are some sort of hero for being there. Little do they know that they are slowly killing themselves by doing so.

Sleep is the only function, other than breathing, your body needs to do daily to survive, and to do between 7-9 for adult and 10-14 for children a night (depending on their age)

ADHD – with your child diagnoses – was their sleep looked at or disguised? Were you advised the number of hours they should be having for their age? Were any real solutions given to help you ensure they are able to get to sleep and have a good quality of sleep? If not then we need to speak as I can help you with this and this will have the biggest impact on your child’s behavior and the effect ADHD has on all your life.

This article talks about a family son’s sleep disorder was actually misdiagnosed as an ADHD and a behavioral disorder. Read all about this. Their own findings and how improving their sleep made positive changes in their sons and family live.

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