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Compassionate | Empathetic | Insightful | Dedicated | A Mother

Cyprus Sleep Coach

Hello, my name is Lisa Gargaro and it is great to meet you.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and read more about me.

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My Training and Memberships


Accredited Holistic Sleep Coach, holding a UK degree level qualification in advanced sleep training.

Diploma: Child Physiology – March 2017 – Received with distinction.
Diploma: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – April 2018 – Received with distinction.
Course: Baby Massage – April 2018
Diploma: Advanced Psychology – May 2018
Diplomas: NCC Challenging Behaviour Children & Young People – June 2018
Diploma: Counselling Children and Adolescents O.A. Dip. (Counselling Children and Adolescents) – Sept 2018
Current Studies: Level Five Holistic Sleep Coaching
Diploma: Advanced Counselling NCC

Compassionate | Empathetic | Insightful | Dedicated | A Mother

We’ve all been there–at some point in our life being asked to sum yourself up in 5 words.

In all honesty, this has always been a struggle for me until recently. I wanted to believe 100% in the words I had chosen for myself, but I didn’t know if it was true. I found myself hoping, but not knowing for sure. That was until I made the decision to become a Holistic Paediatric Sleep Consultant with the Sleep Sense™ Program and Holistic Sleep Coaching in Cyprus.

Let me explain this a bit more because it’s likely that you are here because you and your baby are not sleeping well.

No sleep. Children keeping you awake, waking several times a night, wanting to feed during the night, and they won’t settle without you. You’re being pulled in all directions–but you need it to STOP now.

The great news is that by allowing me to guide and support you through this incredibly difficult time, we can succeed together. Believe me, I know exactly where you are because I have been there myself. As a holistic sleep expert in Paphos,  Cyprus, and all around the world, I want to share my story with you. You can read more about my story and why I became a sleep consultant here.

Holistic Sleep Consultant in Cyprus & UK