3 Reasons why you should consider sleep training during lockdown

Sleeping training during lockdown would certainly have it benefits. Let’s look at that in a little bit more detail.

As we are all very aware things right now are a, to say the least, a bit strange, scary, and most uncertain right now. As I am not a doctor, I will spare you my thoughts on COVID 19 Virus. The only things I would wish to say about all of this at this point is a massive Thank You. To all our NHS and key support workers. Whom by their actions every day are keeping our world together and helping us all stay safe right now. The sacrifices you make daily are truly incredible and appreciated by us all.

Due to this situation, many parents are now finding themselves at home. Being asked to find the balance between our children and meeting their need as we continue to try to work from home. Meaning we are all very much aware and can feel the stress that this has brought. If you are currently following the lockdown rule and are social distancing. While having a child who has sleep issues you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that now could be the best time to teach them sleep.

Here is why:

1. Minimal Schedule Restrictions 

When I help my client pre lockdown, I would say parent had one big hurdle to face and overcome, how they would be able to follow the new sleep schedule for their child. At the same time, everyday life continued around them the demands of work, various activities, and busy schedules. Meaning parents face the hard decision and task of ensuring you were able to stick with the new program. It can be hard to be able to be home for nap time. While also have the kids ready for bed on time.

Therefore, if you consider your situation right now – stuck at home all day except for an hour of exercise – what better time do we have than to focus on teaching our child to sleep. Right now, fixing a schedule is no longer having to face that as an issue.

I also hear you say, “But what while happens when regular life returns, and we go back to our life. How can this schedule then be possible?” As part of the method to help teach sleep, we ask parents to look at earlier bedtimes. We do so as a recommendation to help reduce any child’s sleep debt they may have incurred. By ensuring an earlier night during the sleep teaching process it helps reduce that debt.

Although at the start of the programs you have this the super early bedtime. Most parents have been able to push it back again a bit to more normal bedtimes upon their child sleeping has improved. For me, another main reason to do this now is to allow you to see how your family life will work better once everyone in the family is sleeping better. Many clients find that once reap the rewards of good sleep, being well-rested. They then prioritize that sleep schedule more than before when they see the result first-hand. 

2. Right now – Routine is Key

More now than ever we are finding we all desperately miss our routine. Our regular habits and trips we did daily or weekly. Whether it was grabbing a coffee on the school drop off, catching that gym class bright and early. Whatever it is that you are deeply missing. We human by nature are creatures of habit – thriving from our routine. All that needs to happen now is to create a new one. At home now.

When you think of bedtime, – does it usually resemble a time of complete chaos? For me, without those outside demands, there is no more of an optimal time to change that. Let us create a good bedtime routine. Enforce boundaries at bedtime. Help your child by removing sleep props (or otherwise know as crutches) Take back your evenings. Create a solid sleep routine. Have this in place as a solid foundation. You are making it easier to add structure to the rest of your day. By doing this, it creates that much-needed sense of normality your family needs. 

3. Schedule, Keep Time to Yourself and consider sleep training during the lockdown

Many parents are currently finding themselves having to work from home. Not only that, but now without the usual childcare. Whatever the situation you find yourself. I can bet that you will agree it would be great to designate some child-free time into your schedule every day.

This could be possible for a few hours of napping during the day. Depending, of course, on your child age. Enabling some uninterrupted work to get done. Or knowing that you can simply have a few hours of me-time in the evening once they are in their beds.

There can be positives that come out of this lockdown. When you look back over this time in years to come, what are you going to remember? What will be those memories you keep? Why not make it the time we sleep taught your child to sleep independently. Give them a positive forever skill in this time which they will be forever grateful to you for when they are older and understand the health and mental benefits to getting good sleep every night.

Now what, how do I get started?

To get started today, click on the link to the appropriate age package and purchase one of the programs now. If you still feel unsure it is the best time, then I suggest you book a 15 minute Introductory call with myself where I can chat with you about the program and how I can help your family. I can help you identify 3 reasons why you should consider sleep training during the lockdown.