SURREY Holistic Sleep Consultant

Do any of these sound familiar?


Your child is:

+ Struggling to sleep through the night

+ Having difficulty falling asleep at bedtime
+ Only able to sleep in your bed.
+ Waking often during the night.
+ Not napping well during the day

….or has any other common sleep challenges, you qualify to receive a 15-minute sleep evaluation call for a suitable program that offers help.

Asking Lisa for help has been the best decision we have made and couldn’t have done it without her guidance and support.”

Holistic Sleep Consultant in Surrey

I can and am here help you with all the things listed above!

Are either you or your child will not sleep all night? Wish you had the answers to your sleep situation? Well, I am the person you need to speak to.

I was once like you, lost in the dark about what to do, that was until I trained to become a Certified Sleep Sense & Holistic Sleep Consultant and Cognitive Behavioral Coach.

I now have all the answers you are searching for, so stop searching now, join & be part of my holistic sleep clinic for families to sort this for once and for all. I am a holistic sleep consultant serving London, Cyprus, the U.K., and all over the world!

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Kind Words

Thanks to Lisa and all her help, support and advise we have managed to get my 16-month-old daughter sleeping 11 hours from only sleeping 4-5 at a time and many nights screaming all night! She has been a lifesaver for us as a family and always happy to help in any way she can! It’s a fantastic service and with some hard work we are all finally getting some well-deserved sleep! I will definitely be recommending her to people and will 100% use her again in needed! Thanks, Lisa.


Many thanks to Lisa. I know my wife appreciated your constant support and we couldn’t have done it without your help and, of course, the plan.


Asking Lisa for help has been the best decision we have made and couldn’t have done it without her guidance and support. Thanks again Lisa, I really can’t explain how much this has helped us.


Lisa has always been a great help to my family. She always called me on time and was straight to the point, which helped me when I doubted myself. Thank you so much! I have a well-rested baby!

Thanks again, Lisa!